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Great Food with Great Music

I brought my only son last August 1 in our party where a really great food were served and of course, great music were played by my colleagues. I don’t have much of pictures taken during the event since I put much attention on my kiddo than having with my camera instead. Basically, that would mean that I have had no images of those great foods we ate and those colleagues who sang. I can’t let you all see even one but just this below.

Available Names in Coca-Cola Bottles Philippines

I used to see coca-cola bottles with names of my friends from their Facebook walls. But I was wondering if coca-cola got to have my name also even just nickname on one of their bottles. But I don’t think so.

Here below is the list of available names in coca-cola bottles in the country.

Available Names in Coca-Cola Bottles Philippines

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen mine. What about yours? Is your name on the list above?