Class Reunion Food Choices

I am not used to join nor attend class reunions or gatherings ever since. But this time around, I am somehow forced to attend because I was tasked to prepare for the food to be served on the said event.

Gagay Dinampo Class Reunion

But I do not know what to prepare because I am not informed of the food preferences of my classmates. Of course, when we were still in high school and elementary, those were the times that we were not picky of the foods. But now, I am pretty sure one is not allowed to have spoonful of some foods. Isn’t it?

I actually tried to ask some of my classmates before what they want but they just let me decide then. And what they even suggested and talked about was the class rings high school years — I mean, during our high school years which I wasn’t informed of the updates. But I guess that will be tackled then during the coming reunion.

Hopefully I can make this food preparation deliciously as I could.

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