Kitchen Countertop Drawer Ideas

I am thinking of renovating our kitchen in our little place. Included in what I was planning to rebuild is the countertop specifically the drawers. I want to make the kitchen countertop having a minimalist idea — wherein, if the kitchen is not used, nothing can be seen like utensils and all. But it will have a number of drawers where I can keep all my kitchen stuff. Speaking of drawers, since I have to keep inside the drawers and cabinets all my cookwares, the drawers should be built with high quality 60 in drawer slides that could surely cater weighty cookwares.

Moreover, here below is one of the kitchen countertop drawer ideas which I found a good idea to base from for my kitchen which I just lifted from the internet.

Kitchen Countertop Drawer Ideas

In reality, the image above is really hard to build. But at least, this would somehow give me an idea on how my kitchen after rebuilding it would probably look like.

Hopefully, I could achieve an elegant, neat and presentable kitchen countertop just like the image above soon.

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