Looking for Best Baking Ingredients in the Province

When you are in the province, it is expected that you can only have substitutions of your baking needs compared to living or staying in the city. I am not sure in other provinces but this is based on my experience – staying here in Agusan del Sur.

Baking Ingredients Substitutes

I, honestly, have hard time looking for my baking needs here when my sister asked me to bake some goodies for her son’s 9th birthday today. I was at first hesitant, not because of my skills and capabilities in preparing, but rather on the baking ingredients that are available here in the province. I am not pretty sure if I can have all what I am needing from the local market here.

However, I thanked the internet, the online shopping for giving me a choice to complete my needs. In just one click, and sure to deliver my needs the next, but this is only in Metro Manila areas, as experienced. But here in the province, delivery of online shopped items usually takes 5-7 days and this became again another head-scratching thing for me. In fact, I was about to check-out my cart in one of the online shops where I used to shop not just my kitchen stuff, but also my baking ingredients and including the Joy Jewelers platinum wedding band that attracted me most. And as usual here in the province, the date of the items to arrive is more than a week and would past the birthday of my nephew.

These all actually ended with baking substitution ingredients. Thank you dear Lord for providing us the baking ingredients substitutes.

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  1. Jojo Vito says:

    if you are staying in the province you become a good cook because you cannot rely always on what is being sold in the local stores

  2. Franc Ramon says:

    It’s good to find your baking needs online. I hope in the future the delivery options get faster in provincial areas too.

  3. it might be true that in most provinces, not all those ingredients that we used to buy in commercial stores are available but the big advantage here is that most ingredients in the provinces are usually fresh and newly harvested

  4. Renz Bulseco says:

    Wow, naga bake na diay ka te gay!

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