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A Food Guide for Pregnant Women

I could still remember when I knew I was pregnant, I was a Vegan that time, I have had hard time getting enough weight for me and for my baby. And since I was already in my 4th week of pregnancy, that was 14 weeks to be exact when I discovered it, my Ob-Gyne advised me to put much attention first on the growth of my baby and me as well. Although on the very first ultrasound done, the baby was taller than expected and he just weighed enough. But I, myself was not that weighty then. She gave me more months to monitor if I gain weight or not. And since I gained very little then after my second trimester of pregnancy, I need to change my diet. She even handed me a food guide for pregnant women.

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To mention some of the stuff in the food guide for pregnant women, it included a list of fruits and vegetables that are needed in every meal and the exact amount or number of pieces. The leafy vegetables are usually paired also with protein sources like any meat. And of course, not to forget the fibrous and watery fruits  as well.

At first, it was difficult for me to add meat in my meal since I was used to Vegan lifestyle. I substituted meat with any protein sources but my attending physician noticed no good to me and it was a bit costly. So to me not to spend much on protein sources, I tried meat little by little every day so I could sustain the needs of my baby and my body as well.

That experience for me was a good one until now that I am still breastfeeding my little one since the food guide for me helped me adjust to eating not just the plain Vegan lifestyle but to any food now to provide exact energy needs to my body every time I breastfeed my little man.

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Dish Washing and Cleaning

After every great parties and events at home, one of the really tiresome stuff to do is dish washing and cleaning including the counter tops and tables.

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Washing the dishes and cleaning the counters are just two of the household chores that ever since I was small, I have hard time completing all these for an hour two. My heart always feel so weighty every time I am tasked to do one. I still remember my mom used to laugh at me when my elder sisters assigned and forced me to do dish washing and cleaning. Sometimes then, I just cried silently while doing so.

Now that I am already having my own family, still the dilemma is there, even getting harder especially every after events. This is the very reason why I sometimes opted just to ask for some help or hire a washer instead. This is not because I cannot make the dishes clean and shiny as I wanted it to be, but rather I am too lazy to stand next to the used oily untidy dishes and wishing to make all those done for an hour. If those were just few like to count with my fingers, then I can do then immediately. But when our counter is full of those oily dishes, that’s the right time for me to look for someone who can do the thing rather than I nor my hubby.

Of course, aside from having a helping hands from others, I need to make sure to use the right dish washing soap to cater my oily dishes. Although, most of the dish washing liquids can easily wipe those dirt and oils, my problem is on plastic kitchen utensils. I need the best plastic cleaning liquid detergent to counter the dirt and oil clinging tightly on the surfaces of the plastic plates and cups.

But at least, finding one from the market and online helps washing the dishes and counters easily then.

Sweet Treats by Gagay

Should I say, everything that has happened to my life now are all God’s plans for me and not mine alone. Most of the things that we have been longing for our lives, those what we WANT do not usually go and jive with what the Lord God wanted and planned for us.

One good example for this is my never planned and never in my life to have and to be a home baker. I did not expect that people will love and would come back at my doorstep knocking for me to bake some treats for them. And yes, the unexpected things happened just in God’s perfect time where all of these provide me not just financial assistance but relaxation and a stress-free living with my little family.

This is the reason why I just recently started my Facebook page, Sweet Treats of Gagay.

Sweet Treats by Gagay

I just so hope that you guys will spare some time to visit and like my page, or better yet, make your orders of my sweet treats then. 😀

Getting Fresh Florida Seafood in Ohio

Ohio waters have several species of fresh fish that are sold in local grocery stores and restaurants. The most popular fresh Ohio fish include perch, trout and catfish. Some local fish farmers raise other species in controlled climate environments to maintain the demand for variety. The need for additional seafood requires Ohioans to look for premium seafood from other sources.

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Out-of-State Fisheries
Florida is one of the more popular locations in the United States for fresh seafood. Along Florida’s coasts, swordfish and scallops are plentiful. This is not something that landlocked states can obtain locally.
Other Florida seafood offerings include:

Stone Crab
Mahi Mahi

Fresh fish can be shipped overnight in a safe manner to Ohio and other states. Restaurant owners and caterers often order for overnight delivery for special seafood dishes for events and special occasions. Private parties can also order from out-of-state fisheries for overnight delivery to satisfy seafood cravings.

Finding Safe Sources
When searching for the right fishery to do business with, it is important to view their handling practices. It is important that your seafood is shipped the same day it is caught to ensure freshness and to lessen the risk of food borne illness. Also inquire with the fishery about their freshness guarantee and shipping guarantee policies. Knowing that a company backs their product and keeps their word helps out-of-state customers feel secure about making a purchase from that company.

Fresh fish should be individually wrapped in the package. Dry ice should also be used to keep the fish at a proper temperature for freshness and to prevent bacteria from forming. The container should be sturdy and tightly closed. Upon opening your package, you should not experience a fishy smell. The only smell you should encounter is the smell of fresh salt water.

Many Ohioans worry about fresh fish actually being previously frozen and thawed for use. Always inquire with your server or fish monger first. In some cases, this is true but it rarely affects the quality or flavor of the seafood. With access to actual fresh seafood being so readily available, many establishments do use overnight shipping methods to provide their patrons with the freshest seafood possible. Unless the source is confidential, inquiring into the source is acceptable and allows consumers to research the source themselves.

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