A Food Guide for Pregnant Women

I could still remember when I knew I was pregnant, I was a Vegan that time, I have had hard time getting enough weight for me and for my baby. And since I was already in my 4th week of pregnancy, that was 14 weeks to be exact when I discovered it, my Ob-Gyne advised me to put much attention first on the growth of my baby and me as well. Although on the very first ultrasound done, the baby was taller than expected and he just weighed enough. But I, myself was not that weighty then. She gave me more months to monitor if I gain weight or not. And since I gained very little then after my second trimester of pregnancy, I need to change my diet. She even handed me a food guide for pregnant women.

A Food Guide for Pregnant WomenImage from momjunction.com

To mention some of the stuff in the food guide for pregnant women, it included a list of fruits and vegetables that are needed in every meal and the exact amount or number of pieces. The leafy vegetables are usually paired also with protein sources like any meat. And of course, not to forget the fibrous and watery fruits  as well.

At first, it was difficult for me to add meat in my meal since I was used to Vegan lifestyle. I substituted meat with any protein sources but my attending physician noticed no good to me and it was a bit costly. So to me not to spend much on protein sources, I tried meat little by little every day so I could sustain the needs of my baby and my body as well.

That experience for me was a good one until now that I am still breastfeeding my little one since the food guide for me helped me adjust to eating not just the plain Vegan lifestyle but to any food now to provide exact energy needs to my body every time I breastfeed my little man.

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