Getting Fresh Florida Seafood in Ohio

Ohio waters have several species of fresh fish that are sold in local grocery stores and restaurants. The most popular fresh Ohio fish include perch, trout and catfish. Some local fish farmers raise other species in controlled climate environments to maintain the demand for variety. The need for additional seafood requires Ohioans to look for premium seafood from other sources.

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Out-of-State Fisheries
Florida is one of the more popular locations in the United States for fresh seafood. Along Florida’s coasts, swordfish and scallops are plentiful. This is not something that landlocked states can obtain locally.
Other Florida seafood offerings include:

Stone Crab
Mahi Mahi

Fresh fish can be shipped overnight in a safe manner to Ohio and other states. Restaurant owners and caterers often order for overnight delivery for special seafood dishes for events and special occasions. Private parties can also order from out-of-state fisheries for overnight delivery to satisfy seafood cravings.

Finding Safe Sources
When searching for the right fishery to do business with, it is important to view their handling practices. It is important that your seafood is shipped the same day it is caught to ensure freshness and to lessen the risk of food borne illness. Also inquire with the fishery about their freshness guarantee and shipping guarantee policies. Knowing that a company backs their product and keeps their word helps out-of-state customers feel secure about making a purchase from that company.

Fresh fish should be individually wrapped in the package. Dry ice should also be used to keep the fish at a proper temperature for freshness and to prevent bacteria from forming. The container should be sturdy and tightly closed. Upon opening your package, you should not experience a fishy smell. The only smell you should encounter is the smell of fresh salt water.

Many Ohioans worry about fresh fish actually being previously frozen and thawed for use. Always inquire with your server or fish monger first. In some cases, this is true but it rarely affects the quality or flavor of the seafood. With access to actual fresh seafood being so readily available, many establishments do use overnight shipping methods to provide their patrons with the freshest seafood possible. Unless the source is confidential, inquiring into the source is acceptable and allows consumers to research the source themselves.

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