Sweet Treats by Gagay

Should I say, everything that has happened to my life now are all God’s plans for me and not mine alone. Most of the things that we have been longing for our lives, those what we WANT do not usually go and jive with what the Lord God wanted and planned for us.

One good example for this is my never planned and never in my life to have and to be a home baker. I did not expect that people will love and would come back at my doorstep knocking for me to bake some treats for them. And yes, the unexpected things happened just in God’s perfect time where all of these provide me not just financial assistance but relaxation and a stress-free living with my little family.

This is the reason why I just recently started my Facebook page, Sweet Treats of Gagay.

Sweet Treats by Gagay

I just so hope that you guys will spare some time to visit and like my page, or better yet, make your orders of my sweet treats then. πŸ˜€

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