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Red Velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Filling

One of the best selling sweet treats I have from my home-baked goodies are my Red Velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Filling.

Red Velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Filling

Red Velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Filling

By its name itself, you can simply think and define the basic ingredients of this treat.

These are only available in Davao City area and other nearby towns since I am already based here. For your orders and inquiries, you may place your orders directly thru my Facebook page, Sweet Treats by Gagay.

Snickers, Milky Way Chocolate Bars RECALLED over plastic content

Chocolate lovers out there, be very aware that just recently, Snickers and Mars bars were recalled. This was due to a piece of plastic found in one of the snacks and was traced back to their Dutch factory. The piece of red plastic was actually found by a customer in Germany while having a good munch of the bar.


Snickers, Milky Way Chocolate Bars RECALLED

Hence the recall due to the possibility of unsafe chocolate bars.

February 22 is National Margarita Day 2016

It’s been more than 3 years that I have not taken any alcoholic beverages, specifically this Margarita. The very reason is my pregnancy and breastfeeding. And today that we are celebrating the National Margarita Day 2016, I am drooling with those glasses of Margarita I’ve seen elsewhere in the social media sites.

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Here in the Philippines, and just the same from other countries, Margarita is served in salted rim glass. It is a cocktail drink that is tequila-based with triple and and lemon juice, or if available, lime is the perfect blend.

So guys, grab your glasses now and starting mixing your triple blend to create your Margarita treat.

Diet Conscious on Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s Day has always been thought of sweets, flowers and any other cheesy stuff from our loved ones. But this is also the day of the year wherein we are almost having a calorie-overload. Aside from the sugar rush in our body, this will surely make every diet-conscious freak for a day.

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One very good idea to do on this Valentine’s day is to have a bouquet of fresh veggies instead of chocolates and teddies on it. You can also add a bowl of sauce to spice up the bouquet of veggies.

This idea is for sure anew to you but this is something that would make your diet-conscious loved one drool and even crave for more on this Valentine’s day.

I know there are available low-calorie chocolates and other sweet stuff anywhere you can drop by, but this idea of having the fresh veggies is something really different and unique. Plus, this one’s healthy though

But, you really wanted to stick to the usual Valentine’s day presents such as those mentioned above, you can instead bake your own cake and other sweet goodies, and try to experiment at your kitchen, just like what I did and will be posted post-Valentine’s day, using healthy ingredients. Such of these kitchen stuff is the low fat milk. Yes, you can substitute that one to any milk supposedly needed in your ingredient lists.

In fact, you can have a lot of healthy treats from Tropicana Slim where you can experiment, create and have a low calorie healthy meals not just on Valentine’s day but on any days of the year. I have tried myself the low fat milk and still the result of my baked yummy treats are still great. I tasted no difference on them. But sure enough, those are healthier as those contain lesser fat.