Ice Cream Scoops for Didang’s 9th Birthday

My eldest niece has just turned 9 on April 17. She sure had fun since we spent almost 3-long days of celebration for her birthday. There were a lot of fun and exciting things we experience, and that will be shared and posted in my other blog, but what’s more important and deserved to have a single post here is the ice cream cravings of our lovelies that really caught and melted my heart seeing them happily grabbing their cones and scoops of their favorite ice cream flavors.

Ice Cream Scoops

From the image above, there you can see from the left most is my niece, Alexus, followed by Didang and then my little man, Zach. Each of them chose their own craved flavors. Alexus had mango, Didang had strawberry while my Zach had chocolate.

We supposed not to favor them what they were craving since it was already late at night when we grabbed these sweets. But our little gorgeous birthday celebrant just sweetly asked this that we could not say no. So we immediately rushed to the nearest mall and looked for available ice cream carts. That time the mall was already about to close. But good enough there was still one left open from five which were already fixed to close their carts.

Those smiles of our little lovelies were truly incomparable with ice cream scoops. But of course, having them their favorite scoops could even make their world go round and their smiles are beyond their ears.

Anyway, to you our dearest Didang, happy birthday. We wish you to always have a good health and stay nice and lovely. We love you always.

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