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Red Velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Filling

I am back to my kitchen now and I am glad I still have my hands unperplexed in perfectly trying to ace the baking strategies I have almost missed in no more than 6 months of hiatus from my oven. I actually did not think of making a surprise handy favors to my baking stuff today, but I couldn’t stop it. Some of my clients are keep getting back at me because they simply just missing how drooling my baked goodies for them. And voila!, I have what they’d been longing for!

Red Velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Filling

First thing I get to dive in my mixing bowl is to make sure to have the most red and really tempting velvet crinkles in town. And I am still glad that I still fine tune the cravings of many – Red Velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Filling.

If you want to try this out, do not hesitate to leave a message here or in the Facebook page,

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Uses of Olive Oil

Olive oil is increasingly becoming a favorite staple in today’s kitchen. It is the most recommended oil to use in many diets. Available in many different varieties, such as virgin, extra virgin, and pure olive oil, it can be used in more ways than you can imagine. Here are some tips on how you can get the maximum benefits by using it.

Olio Extravergine

Use It In Your Salad Dressing

Almost everyone knows that you can use olive oil in your salad, but do you know which one tastes best? When using olive oil in your salad dressing, you’ll want to use the olio extravergine or extra virgin olive oil. Create an oil and vinegar dressing, or just drizzle olive oil over fresh cut tomatoes and cucumbers. The taste of this oil is bold, yet not acidic. The aroma is strong but pleasant.

It’s Great For Baking

Try using olive oil in place of vegetable oil in your recipes. You’ll see that your cakes will be moist, tasty, and fluffy. Substituting olive oil for butter in a recipe will also lower the fat content. Virgin olive oil is great, but if it is too flavorful, light olive oil can be used instead.


Olive oil is great for the skin. You can apply virgin olive oil directly and use it to give a relaxing massage. It’s absorbent and provides relief for dry skin.

Facial Scrub

When mixed with a salt, olive oil can be used as a facial scrub. The salt exfoliates, while the oil gives the skin moisture.

Polish Your Furniture

Olive oil is great for your wooden furniture. It nourishes and conditions the wood, plus it gives it an amazing shine. By using a spray bottle, you’ll avoid applying excess. If you do apply too much, just wipe the furniture down with a paper towel.

“Light” Does Not Refer To Calories

Light olive oil does not mean that it has less calories. It is referring to the color and the taste. It is lighter in color and the taste is milder than other olive oils.

There are endless possibilities to what you can do with olive oil. After trying these tips, you’re sure to come up with some great new ideas of your own.