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Effective Tips for Maintaining Sanitation at Buffets

Buffets are a popular staple of the U.S. restaurant scene – and it isn’t hard to see why! The promise of unlimited servings for a reasonable price is simply too good for many diners to pass up. In virtually any city or township you visit, you’re sure to come across an assortment of national buffet chains, as well as locally-owned buffet restaurants. Unfortunately, not all of these establishments take measures to ensure consistent sanitation. Given the enormous number of diners who approach buffet serving stations throughout the average business day, restaurant managers need to be vigilant about enforcing sanitation rules. The following tips will serve restaurateurs well in the quest to keep their buffets safe and sanitary.

Provide Sanitizer Stations to Diners

Buffets can serve as veritable breeding grounds for germs. Diners who handle serving utensils with dirty hands are effectively passing their germs on to every other person who uses the aforementioned utensils. This can prove particularly problematic during flu season. To curb the spread of germs in this manner, place hand sanitizer stations in the immediate vicinity of all buffet displays and encourage patrons to clean their hands before handling serving utensils.

Invest in Self-Warming Buffet Displays

When it comes to buffet sanitation, self-warming displays can be every bit as important as refrigerated display case. Certain entrees, particularly those containing meat, eggs and dairy, can become unsafe for consumption after sitting at room temperature for an extended period. Conversely, reliable self-warming displays are able to keep such dishes at servable temperatures, thereby reducing waste and food-borne illness.

Prohibit Re-Using Plates and Utensils

Diners should be required to obtain new plates and utensils for every trip to the buffet. This is because serving spoons frequently come into contact with plates and other utensils before being returned to their respective trays. Suffice it to say, if a serving spoon is placed back into its tray after touching a dirty plate, germs are sure to spread.

When you’re famished, nothing beats a fully-loaded buffet. Being able to enjoy an extensive selection of entrees, sides and desserts for a flat fee is a boon to diners who love getting the most for their money. However, this doesn’t negate the sanitation issues that are prevalent at many buffet restaurants. In the interest of keeping these issues at bay, remember to place sanitation stations throughout your restaurant, invest in self-warming displays and require diners to obtain new plates and utensils before each serving.

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