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Apple Cider: We can’t live without it

Ever since my mother told me that apple ciders are good source of folic acid, biotin, niacin, vitamin c, and many other vitamins and nutrients, I have become largely dependent on it. Today, my family and I cannot live without apple cider. Daily meals would not be complete without apple cider on the table. It is my son’s favorite drink. We also use apple cider vinegar as a substitute for the regular vinegar. We also use it to garnish our favorite vegetable and seaweed salads as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Every time, on a fine day whenever I cook lunch and when my little son plays his favorite godin guitars at, apple cider vinegar is such as sight to see in the kitchen. Right now, I could no longer imagine a life without apple cider–what a lonely and bland world it would be.

Baking Shop in Agusan del Sur

Honestly, I found it real hard where to buy my baking needs here in the province, in Agusan del Sur. Comparing the availability of my baking needs here, I can’t find a shop where almost all of the ingredients are to be bought in one shopping instance. I still need to jump from one store to the other. The worse thing, I need to travel an hour from one municipality to another just to complete my needs.

Baking IngredientsImage not mine.

So I really went to other town and tried to sport for some. However, instead of baking ingredients, I got some Qs from another customer asking for how to change strings on an electric guitar. I was like surprised at first but when she pointed to the silicon mold of a guitar, it was just that time I grasped what she really wanted to ask. She was just actually throwing some joke which didn’t crack at me at first.

Moreover, I still manage to get some substitute ingredients and able to prepare goodies tasty and really mouth-watering.