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Convention Internet

Wherever you eventually decide to host your event, you’ll need to investigate how to get high speed internet for a convention. At this point, every kind of industry relies heavily on the internet for the completion of even the most mundane and everyday kind of tasks. So if you aren’t able to provide a robust connection for your event participants, their experience of your event will be seriously affected.

It will be a temptation to simply go with the internet technology offered to you by the venue itself, but rental of portable and temporary technology will often be the better choice.

For rental, your best option will be Trade Show Internet. They have premier WiFi technology and bandwidth solutions, and they have services in major cities across the country. Because they offer both kinds of technology, your bandwidth will fit with your internet technology to make sure that the delivery solution is working up to its potential.

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Class Reunion Food Choices

I am not used to join nor attend class reunions or gatherings ever since. But this time around, I am somehow forced to attend because I was tasked to prepare for the food to be served on the said event.

Gagay Dinampo Class Reunion

But I do not know what to prepare because I am not informed of the food preferences of my classmates. Of course, when we were still in high school and elementary, those were the times that we were not picky of the foods. But now, I am pretty sure one is not allowed to have spoonful of some foods. Isn’t it?

I actually tried to ask some of my classmates before what they want but they just let me decide then. And what they even suggested and talked about was the class rings high school years — I mean, during our high school years which I wasn’t informed of the updates. But I guess that will be tackled then during the coming reunion.

Hopefully I can make this food preparation deliciously as I could.

Food Blog

Whew! I didn’t notice how this blog was in hiatus for more than a month. Not until my friend asked me if I could help her create her own food blog after checking this food blog of mine, I would never know that my last blog entry was still on August 13, 2013 about Avocado.

Food Website

Anyway, talking more about creating a food blog, I just let my friend find a very reliable website builder online since I couldn’t attend to her longer or even check the internet more often now. One of the website builders I found online is which I presume to me a good online website helper. I haven’t tried myself the said website but reviews said they offer great services.

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Food Banner Printing

As I mentioned in my pet blog, I wanted to print a pet blog banner. But since in my new place pets are not allowed, should I just shift on printing food banner instead.

Oh Gosh Gulay Banner

I already made my food banner ready and the only thing I need to do now is to find a local printing which can work on banner printing of my food blog banner.

The image above is the recent food banner of this blog, but I am still thinking of making this banner anew. Maybe I can hire a professional lay out artist to do this then.

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