CBTL Carrot Cake

If only all vegetables can make into a cake, then all must be my favorite then.

By far, my favorite vegetable cake is this carrot cake. This is the reason perhaps why the first cake I almost always look for in any cake houses or coffee shops is carrot cake. But this time, I will have you here a carrot cake from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or CBTL.

CBTL Carrot CakeCBTL Carrot Cake

I wasn’t sure where CBTL branch was this but what I can remember still is that during this time, I and two of my friends were trying to find promotional backpacks. And if I am not mistaken, this was on March 2012. But I am not really that sure, though.

Anyway, this carrot cake, as you can see it from the image above, was really tasting yummy and delicious. And of course, as its name implies, it is very nutritious too!

Tablea Sylvanas

Chocolates, supposedly, are not good for me – for my migraine, I mean. But what else can I do? Chocolates are really yummy! Smiley Ahihi!

I want to share to you, not gulay (vegie) food here as of today, but a yummy chocolate foodie. It’s a Tablea Sylvanas from Tablea – A Chocolate Shop.

The Tablea Sylvanas is not so high-priced. You’d only need 25 PhP to have the bitter-sweet more or less 3 inches in diameter and an inch thick really mouth-watering grainy Tablea Sylvanas. Smiley

Craving for some bite of Tablea Sylvanas now? Tell me, I’ll bring you there. I only need one, as your tip! LOL!