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Foods Not to Order on a Romantic Date

Valentine’s Day 2013 has just recently been celebrated but I still can’t get over with looking for food recipes that could make a Valentine’s Day at home even more romantic than celebrating it in a high-class restaurants or the like. But instead of having recipes with me, I ended up giggling while having stumbled upon Foods Not to Order on a Romantic First Date from Reader’s Digest.

1. Spaghetti and Meatballs. Though I don’t eat pasta, I just can’t imagine myself eating spaghetti on a romantic date with my best dress on and accidentally spill some spaghetti sauce in my gorgeous dress. Smiley

Spaghetti and MeatballsSpaghetti and Meatballs (image from

2. Bigger burgers than your mouth. Think of it, you are on a date and you eat like you haven’t eaten for how many days just to accommodate the bigger burger in your mouth? Smiley

Big BurgersBigger Burgers than your mouth (image from

 3. Spicy Foods. I love spicy foods. I guess, this is just alright but not the spiciest food to serve; maybe just the mild spicy foods for me.

Spicy FoodSpicy Foods (image from

4. Soup. Do you want to hear your date slurping your soup with a sweet sound? Smiley

Soup Soup (image from

5. Fast food foods. Reader’s Digest name this food as ‘Dollar Food’ and advised if one prefer to have a date with you in a fast food chains, then order up a bigger size menu. But for me, I don’t prefer fast food foods a good idea for a romantic date especially on Valentine’s Day. I still prefer a date at home or in a more conducive  romantic places or restaurants.

Fast Food FoodsFast food foods (image from

6. Beans. If you didn’t know it yet, beans are good source of polysaccharides that can cause flatulence. If you want your romantic date ending up blowing horns from down there, then order up beans, radish, potatoes, onion, garlic and lentils.

BeansBeans (image from

7. Platter of Lobster and Crab. Have you tried eating these mouthwatering dish with a spoon and fork? If yes, then try this out on your next romantic date. Smiley

Platter of Lobster and CrabPlatter of Lobster and Crab (image from

8. Spinach. This foodie is just one of my favorites to eat AT HOME. Of course, in a romantic date, I don’t think so, but if it’s just at home, no worries for me; else I will end up looking for dental floss or toothpicks.

SpinachSpinach (image from

9. Herb Garlic Bread. I love garlic bread! And I don’t care if this is being served on a romantic date. Do you?

Herb Garlic BreadHerb Garlic Bread (image from

10. Wings and Ribs. Ah oh! I seldom eat pork but I love chicken wing-recipes. But in a romantic date, I might as well have extra napkins with me!

Wings and RibsWings and Ribs (image from

Have you experienced even one of these foodies being served on your Valentine’s Day date this year? How has it been? Were you’ve been serenaded with a romantic songs by a flock of guys while playing their Martin guitars? Oh well, if you want to be more adventurous on your next date, then you can try these foods I’ve mentioned above.

Chicken Terrine

How do you find this food presentation below?

Chicken Terrine

That food is named Chicken Terrine. I took that image when I and some friends had a buffet dinner in one of the known hotels in Cebu City. Actually, at first, I really didn’t touch any part of the food until I took a photo of it. It was then I thought that foods like these — prepared and set like this, deserves to be tasted and judged not just on the way it was presented but also on how it tasted.

True enough! This Chicken Terrine tasted deliciously even more how it was served. Very mouth-watering!

Boiled Egg

Don’t you know I eat boiled egg almost everyday. Hehe. I love it especially if not fully-cooked.

You want? Smiley

This is my entry for Blog Photo Challenge.

My Favorite Food Network Shows

When I went home, two weeks ago, to our farm town, I forgot that it has almost been a year since my mom got rid of our Cable TV.  There is no good television shows in any room including the living room.  There is a TV, but when I was about to change the TV channel in my mom’s room when I remembered the channel selection wasn’t all that great. I found nothing on the screen, but mosquito-like sparkling black dots dancing in front of me.

Sad reality, but true; I missed the foodie TV programs on Food Network.

Food Network is one of the many US-based TV shows about different food preparations, recipes and grilling. I love to keep on track of every episodes they have. Each episode never failed to get me excited about what was going to be made or allow me the ability to make new foods.

Would you like to know what my favorite food network programs are?

My most favorite show on food network is Ace of Cakes. They talk about cakes. I like this program because I am amazed at how Duff Goldman, the host of the program, prepares cakes that, at first glance, do not look like real cakes, it is pretty amazing. One could even think of  them as toys because of how perfectly shaped, colored and styled cakes are.

Betty White and the Morris Animal Foundation Cake by Duff GoldmanBetty White and the Morris Animal Foundation Cake by Duff Goldman

For instance, by just merely looking at the cake above, no one would know that this is a real cake.  Every aspect of the cake is edible.  You probably won’t even believe this is a cake unless you were to take a spoon full of it and eat it!

Duff Goldman has really amazing hands for those wonderful looking cakes.

My next favorite show is Good Eats. For me, everything prepared and shown on this TV program is really good eats!  The foods being prepared are typically and usually something easily made at home in your kitchen. Chicken preparations, is one good example, like Chicken Fried Steak, Curry Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Kiev and Fried Chicken are what we usually make at home. Most of the ingredients used are just the basic ingredients found in the fridge or any area in the kitchen. Good eats, indeed.

Aside from the fact that the foods are prepared in a very most typical simple ways, Alton Brown’s way of sharing these foods is fun and entertaining.  He bring is the aspect of science to his food.  It is just about how to make food, but what makes food taste good.  It is better for you to find out more, go watch it!

The last but not the least program that I am watching is Secrets of a Restaurant Chef. It has been one of my wildest dreams to get a degree in culinary arts and to be known in the cooking field. But I guess, the kitchen, itself, is the one that doesn’t like me anymore.  I know how to cook. But I am not a master at any food preparation techniques.  One can ask me to fry an egg but only that, nothing more. That’s why I am very eager to learn some secrets of a restaurant chef even just through this food network program.

I really enjoy these shows.  I know there are a lot more, but this is enough this time. I will share more of my fave TV programs next time.