Nestlé NESQUIK® Chocolate Powder Recalled for Salmonella

It is the Nestlé USA itself who voluntarily recalled their product, Nestlé NESQUIK® Chocolate Powder, at 10.9, 21.8 and 40.7 ounce canisters. This is because of possible Salmonella contamination on these product items.

Nestle NESQUIK Chocolate Powder Nestlé NESQUIK® Chocolate Powder (image from

According to the FDA press release, the Calcium Carbonate ingredient in this Nestlé NESQUIK® Chocolate Powder possibly has Salmonella as per advised by supplier of such ingredient, the Omya Inc.

From my viewpoint.

It is really good to know that even how competitive the food markets today, this food company initiated the recall of their product though this product has just recently been produced, October 2012, and has expiration dated October 2014. The company did not think of their rebound loss but the benefit of their consumers — the long term effects to the people.

This isn’t supposed to be what I’m sharing. I was preoccupied by the class dvd duplication project to be submitted the end of the month and we still in the process of video editing, which I was tasked to do. But my work has stopped for a while because of this recall press release about Nestlé NESQUIK® Chocolate Powder. Not too bad since I still have helped in disseminating information to consumers even through blogging about this.

Stay healthy guys!

October 20, 2012 is Sweetest Day!

The “Sweetest Day“, accordingly, is said to be every third Saturday of October. Hence, today is the “Sweetest Day“.

October 20, 2012 is Sweetest Day!October 20, 2012 is Sweetest Day! (image from

This is not just merely baking, cooking or preparing any sweet foods at home but it all started as giving foods and sweet presents to people who you cared much of and those kids in the orphan and more.

So today, let us make this October 20, 2012 as the “Sweetest Day“.

Chocolates Help Nobel Prize Winning

Accordingly, eating or consuming bunches of chocolates would increase the probability of winning a Nobel Prize.

ChocolatesChocolates (image from

This information is based on a research study wherein researchers found out a significant linear correlation etween the number of Nobel Prizes won and the amount of chocolate consumed by the recipient’s country.

Hmf! This sounds pretty interesting! Maybe, we should start eating chocolates now!

Churros con Tsokolate at Tablea Chocolate Cafe

As what I’ve always been telling, one of the things I am always missing from Cebu City is their varied food stalls and foods itself. Yeah! If you wish to try different foods, one should better check Cebu City.

Anyway, the Tablea Chocolate Cafe which serves Churros con Tsokolate is the very first chocolate shop where I tasted original really tasty original cacao beans.

PhotobucketChurros con Tsokolate at Tablea Chocolate Cafe

One of a serving of a Churros con Tsokolate at Tablea Chocolate Cafe consist of a cup-full of very delicious tablea chocolate drink and a 3-piece churros sticks.

Many said it is not good to drink more than a cup of the tablea chocolate drink since it can abruptly elevate blood pressure. But for me, a cup of it is not enough. I usually consume 2 servings of Churros con Tsokolate. Well, no one can blame me, the chocolate is really yummy and worthy! Smiley

PhotobucketTablea Chocolate Cafe