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Chocolate Titans at Ice Giants, Sta. Ana Street, Davao City

It always feels so awesomely great to have yourself loaded with ice, chocolate ice, on a hot afternoon after a stroll in the city. So the finally just then and then decided to have a bowl, a giant bowl to be specific of the Chocolate Titans at Ice Giants located at Sta. Ana Street in Davao City.

Chocolate Titans at Ice Giants, Sta Ana Street, Davao City

One need not to stare on the images above to describe how we crave for that Chocolate Titans. Even at a glance, you can see how our Didong was really delighted and couldn’t even wait to scoop out a bowl for himself of this really huge, a family-sized, chocolate-overload ice treats.

This Chocolate Titans of Ice Giants is composed of a lot of chocolaty treats such as choco pillows, brownies, cubed chocos, a lot more. For just 495.00 Philippine peso, you can have this Chocolate Titans which is actually can be good for 6-8 persons or maybe even more if you are not that really into sweets. But I personally doubt with my family. We were actually just 6 during this time including my little man and my hubby who were not in the picture above. But still we were craving for more after this one. Smiley

Sweet Treats by Gagay

Should I say, everything that has happened to my life now are all God’s plans for me and not mine alone. Most of the things that we have been longing for our lives, those what we WANT do not usually go and jive with what the Lord God wanted and planned for us.

One good example for this is my never planned and never in my life to have and to be a home baker. I did not expect that people will love and would come back at my doorstep knocking for me to bake some treats for them. And yes, the unexpected things happened just in God’s perfect time where all of these provide me not just financial assistance but relaxation and a stress-free living with my little family.

This is the reason why I just recently started my Facebook page, Sweet Treats of Gagay.

Sweet Treats by Gagay

I just so hope that you guys will spare some time to visit and like my page, or better yet, make your orders of my sweet treats then. 😀

Frozen Yogurt Business

Business is a good source of income. However, it depends on what kind of business you have. Thus, before you come up in investing your money to a particular industry, always make sure that it is the best one!

There are a lot of businesses to choose for. But if you want guarantee of doubling your money, business about food in general would be the best business to have. Why? Of course, food is the one of the important things people can’t live without. It is one of the sources of energy people consumed. Thus, it is really advantage to come up with a food business instead of other kinds of businesses available.

In other hand, since there are different kinds of foods, it is best to come up with a specific category. In this way, people would know your specialty. If you plan out to have fast food chain, then fast foods like spaghetti, burgers, fries and related to it are the food you must have with your business. Same goes with those coffee shops, their specialties are about coffee and pastries which are perfect to pair up.

Since these kinds of business like fast food, coffee shops is too common, it would somehow give you a good start up if you come up with a unique idea like having Dessert Shop about Frozen Yogurt instead.

If you find it not that easy to do, fret no more! There are plenty companies that sell out Frozen Yogurt Equipment for those who are interested in having their business about yogurt. And of course, companies like these also sold Frozen Yogurt Mix that comes with different flavors. Sure enough that those who are planning to invest for yogurt shop won’t be hesitant anymore with their decisions. Aside from the fact that it is delicious and perfect for any season, it is also good source of nutrients and calcium needs of people. Indeed, you will not just get people’s attention to buy it because it’s yummy but it is also good our body.

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National Donut Day 2013

Yay! SmileyI didn’t know there’s National Donut Day 2013 Smiley and how I wish there’s such celebration here in the country.

National Donut DayNational Donut Day 2013 (image from

But anyway, I really am wanting to eat a lot of donuts today especially free!

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