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Champagne Party

 It’s been awhile since I haven’t attended nor even joined in organizing a champagne party. I just realized it lately when I saw an invitation received by a doctor and found it would be such enjoyable and interesting event.


But of course, during the said party, champagnes are not just the only thing to be offered in the event but also classy cigars like perdomo. I admit, I have tried smoking once in my life but haven’t tried perdomo yet.

Hopefully, as the year will end, my circle of friends will hold a champagne party and I am sure to attend the said event.

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February 22, 2013 is US National Margarita Day

A cheer with a toast to the United States’ National Margarita Day!  Smiley  How I wish the Philippines would have a special day to celebrate like this one too.

February 22, 2013 is US National Margarita DayClassic Margarita (image from

I am not recommending that we all drink Margarita or wines, or even beer and other hard liquor, but occasional and moderate drinking is not too bad for our health. Isn’t it? Smiley And in conjunction to this event in the US, some foodie stops offer discounted prices on margarita drinks like the Stoney’s every Fridays from 5 to 7 PM while Café Deluxe and Tortilla Coast offer $5 Margaritas all day. Smiley

“CIRCLES” served on New Year’s Eve 2013

I do believe that having CIRCLES served on our dining table on the very first hour of the year would make the world go round! Smiley Here are the CIRCLES the family prepared during the New Year’s Eve 2013.

"CIRCLES" served on New Year's Eve 2013“CIRCLES” served on New Year’s Eve 2013

Can you name some of the CIRCLES we had from the image above? Smiley

Happy New Year! Have a healthy year ahead!

Zigzag Wine Glass

We don’t have bar station at home, inside our house but mom just loved to collect different styles of wine glasses. And here’s her latest addition to her collection, the Custom Myrtle Beach Zigzag Wine Glass.

Zigzag Wine GlassCustom Myrtle Beach Zigzag Wine Glass

What can you say about that zigzag wine glass of my mom? Smiley