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What is GUC Alkaline Ionizer | How to clean GUC Alkaline Ionizer?

So I guess, you’ve already knew that I have my own GUC Alkaline Ionizer, right? But I haven’t shared what is a GUC Alkaline Ionizer yet.

What is GUC Alkaline Ionizer?

Alkaline Ionizer is a device which separates the acid fraction of the water making it less acidic or alkaline. Though not proven yet, it is also speculated that this can reduce the risk diseases because of its antioxidant properties.

When it comes to cleaning the GUC Alkaline Ionizer, it’s needs a hand, real work of hands.

How to clean the GUC Alkaline Ionizer

How to clean the GUC Alkaline Ionizer

How to clean GUC Alkaline Ionizer?

You need to prepare vinegar, sale, hot water, a cup where you can mix all the liquid and the salt together and where you can dip the steel cup containing the filter stones. First thing to do is to mix homogeneously the vinegar and salt. After which, take the steel cup containing the filter stone and dip it in the salt solution. You may notice an effervescence while you dip the cup. Then slowly add hot water and while moving the cup side by side or up and down.

After that, you can wash the steel cup with cold water.

You now have a clean GUC alkaline ionizer again.

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GUC Alkaline Ionizer

Do you have one like this? It is said that this could help provide minerals on the water that we are supposed to drink.

This GUC Alkaline Ionizer was given to me by my mom during her visit, together with my brother, on the first week of February. This is my entry for the Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

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Alkaline Water Plus


It is very important for your health that you have access to clean water but do you know that your body will benefit more if the water you are drinking is more than just clean. Alkaline ionized water has quickly grown in popularity as the right water to drink to keep your cells healthy. A lot of people are still unfamiliar with alkaline ionized water and its health benefits; let alone where to get this kind of water. The good thing is you can produce your own alkaline ionized water at home with the use of an alkaline water machine, also called a water ionizer., an online water ionizer store, is your complete source of water ionizers and other related products. This site contains an endless amount of information on alkaline water and its many benefits. You can even find various testimonials from people who have benefited from drinking alkaline water.

You can find several kinds of water ionizers on the website and the great thing is does not just list them and let you decide which one you want. The home page alone can serve as an instant crash course on these water ionizers because each type is well explained. The pros and cons of each water ionizer is likewise discussed.

Even from just the home page, you will get the impression that is not out to make a quick sale on you. It goes out of its way to make you understand how you can benefit from alkaline water and helps you choose the right water ionizer for you.

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This is not actually to advertise on the product below – in the image because I am not being paid but, instead, I’d like to share what I have learned from one of our lectures in Parasitology in medical school.

Don’t you know that distilled drinking water are more and sure to be clean compared to other processed bottled drinking water over any stores. And among those bottled water companies, it is the GREEN colored bottled drinking water are the distilled one. Just for a thought, actually!


Have a great green Monday guys!