Octopus Salad

My bad! It’s been more than two months since we dine out at Radisson Blu Hotel but I haven’t posted any food articles about the buffet dinner they offered. Actually, not only our Radisson Blu buffet dinner that I’ve missed blogging, but almost all my food adventures from the very first months of this year. Just imagine the tons of photographs I need to upload; gosh! That’s a month to finish!

Oh well, for now, let me share to you one exotic food I’ve tried at Radisson Blu Hotel buffet dinner.

Octopus Salad

Octopus Salad

As far as I could remember, haha!, this is an Octopus Salad. It has had a sour+salty taste; a typical salad taste but only that the Octopus slices were a bit rubbery. Though those pieces of slices were only an inch and half, I still had longer time to chew and finish a serving of it.

Nonetheless, that was an unforgettable treat to try.

This is, by the way, an entry for Yummy Sunday and Blog Photo Challenge.

Exotic Food: Crocodile Sisig

My birthday celebration on November 24, 2011 has been the most exotic one because of the exotic crocodile foodies that I and my exotic Davao blogger friends have had firstly gulped.

The Crocodile Sisig was so tasty — a perfect mix of sweet and salty mouthful one. At a glance, one couldn’t think of it as a crocs dish. It just did looking like other Sisigs — chicken, pork, fish, do.

This is one of the must-try menus available at Riverwalk Grill in Crocodile Park, Davao City.

Image by Ate Crislyn; feel free to visit her foodie blog by ticking the image above.