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Food and Music on Valentine’s Day

Though I wanted heart-shaped cakes on Valentine’s Day, we ended up having Bicol Express then. But I still didn’t miss the more enjoyable stuff my immediate friends and I seized yesterday, the bunch of foods and of course, music — videoke, we had.

Music fun was  not actually part of the first plan to do on Valentine’s Day. But when one of our friends keep n bobbing his head while his head phones on and we found him enjoying his moment, we just then joined with him and made some noise at home. Other than music, we also watched a movie and do some chit chats as well.

Bicol Express for Valentine’s Day 2014

Since I can’t go out for dinner when my colleagues planned one for Valentine’s day, they then just ended up cooking at home and we then dine together. But because of the very limited time to prepare for the Heart’s Day, they decided to prepare Bicol Express.

Bicol Express(image not mine — just a presentation of Bicol Express)

I personally do not know how they prepared the really spicy and very inviting Bicol Express. But one thing I was sure of, it was really sumptuous and drooling to look at.

Pardon me for having missed taking even one picture of the Bicol Express my friends prepared. But the image above is somehow the same to what they had at home.

Trying out Lemon Zest in Rice Cake or Biko

On my birthday, I prepared rice cake or biko since it’s one of my favorite Filipino delicacy. What I added to the glutinous rice, brown sugar and coconut milk are lemon zest, lemon juice and sliced ginger to add more flavors to the rice cake.

Rice Cake or Biko

Pardon me but I failed to take pictures of my rice cake. The image above is not mine, I just lifted that over the internet. Next time, I will make it sure to take photos of those, I proclaimed, yummy and mouth-watering rice cake I made.

Fresh Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!

Filipino or Pinoy delicacies always tempt to crave a box or more. These include the very famous Bibingka, or Rice Cake from the Philippines.

But this time, I will share to you one of the most common Bibingka shops here in my place, the Bibingkinitan!

Fresh Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!Fresh Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!

Pardon me if I can’t share any recipe on Bibingka. I have not tried making one nor seen any making and preparing this. I just love to eat Bibingka. Smiley

Bibingkinitan!A shelf of Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!

For the second time, pardon me, for I forgot how much each fresh Bibingka costs. LOL!

Bibingkinitan! StoreBibingkinitan! Store

But this one’s for sure, this store image above was taken at SM Southmall, Las Pinas Bibingkinitan! store.