White Desiccated Coconut

Every time I buy Kutsinta, I always remove the desiccated coconut. Hehe. It’s because I have an allergy with coconut foodies – those with coconut milk and the desiccated coconut too.

Happy Whitey Wednesday!!!


It’s been years that I haven’t been cooking at home. Even in my own apartment, I do not cook. I usually buy foods from restaurants. But today, since my classmate prepared something for our lunch, I bought kutsinta. I’m fond of eating local Filipino foods like this but sadly, I don’t know how to prepare such.

For me, it’s very ironic to join this weekly meme, From My Kitchen, because I really don’t know how to prepare foods from my kitchen though I love cooking BEFORE. It’s just that since I started my college years and now in medical school, I forgot how to do the kitchen stuff.

I just wish and through joining this weekly meme, I’d be learning how to cook and prepare foods from my kitchen.

Happy Eating!