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Fresh Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!

Filipino or Pinoy delicacies always tempt to crave a box or more. These include the very famous Bibingka, or Rice Cake from the Philippines.

But this time, I will share to you one of the most common Bibingka shops here in my place, the Bibingkinitan!

Fresh Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!Fresh Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!

Pardon me if I can’t share any recipe on Bibingka. I have not tried making one nor seen any making and preparing this. I just love to eat Bibingka. Smiley

Bibingkinitan!A shelf of Bibingka at Bibingkinitan!

For the second time, pardon me, for I forgot how much each fresh Bibingka costs. LOL!

Bibingkinitan! StoreBibingkinitan! Store

But this one’s for sure, this store image above was taken at SM Southmall, Las Pinas Bibingkinitan! store.

Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken

I have here another rice foodie preparation that I have tried at the Banana Leaf restaurant in Ayala Center Cebu last week. Aside from the Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Salted Fish Thai Style that I ordered, I suggested this Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken for my classmates. And, honestly, since it’s sounding new to us, we ordered this rice instead of just plain rice.

As its name implied, it’s really salty. Fried rice, as I have known, are tasting more differently than the plain rice. And usually, fried rice are already salty. But with this Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken of Banana Leaf Restaurant, the rice became more salty because of the salted fish mixed to it.

But overall, the rice is still yummy! Hope you can try that one guys! Happy Yummy Sunday!


This is what I am having for Ate Karen’s virtual birthday party from the Bisdak Bloggers. This is PUSO or Rice inside a Coconut Leaves Pouch.

Happy Birthday Ate Karen!!! God Bless you always!