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Choco Loco Yoghurt at The White Hat

I haven’t found The White HatItalian frozen Yoghurt store here in my new place. So every time I crave for yoghurts, I always remember those funny escapes of my close friend, Gemma Lou, wherein almost always the very first food we dive at are yoghurts at The White HatItalian frozen Yoghurt.

Choco Loco Yoghurt at The White HatChoco Loco Yoghurt at The White Hat

Most of the time I order Choco Loco Yoghurt. This doesn’t obviously shows how I love and attached to chocolates. Isn’t it? Smiley And to every cup of yoghurt we had before, always had a story to tell.

One time, we were still on our medical uniforms, we just immediate rush to SM City Cebu to cater our cravings needs. We passed by at a music store while munching our yoghurts, singing and laughing together when we accidentally bump at a music stand that looked like a Hamilton music stands at WWBW. Maybe we were just innocently looking students that time that the store attendants and the security guard didn’t scold us. They just smiled and told us to be careful next time in strolling inside the mall while eating so for us not to cause accidents nor damages to any stores.

But that was just us — often times, the childish in us dominates.

30-day Food Challenge

East London Dining

When one thinks of London cuisine, one is constantly reminded of the diversity of the city itself. The different cuisines of London’s various communities are perhaps best manifested in East London – in the midst of this rapidly regenerating area, you’ll find authentic delights from the world over that are sure to change your view of dining in London.

East London Dining (image source and credit)

Perhaps the best-known culinary destination in East London is Brick Lane, home to innumerable curry houses, pubs and bars, making it London’s prime territory for Indian and Bangladeshi food. It can be hard to choose one establishment among the masses of options, but you’re likely to enjoy a first-rate meal whichever restaurant you choose, with diverse menus incorporating modern and traditional dishes.

East London is by no means restricted to curries, however. One restaurant in Bethnal Green takes advantage of its hip location to bring classic French dishes to East London. Committed to serving ingredients and wines of the highest quality, and yet remaining surprisingly affordable, this restaurant has gained a reputation for top-quality food, without any of the extravagance that characterizes many of Central London’s hallmark restaurants.

East London’s regeneration has brought about an emphasis on retail, most obviously in the mammoth new Westfield Stratford City, which boasts around 70 places to eat! A day’s shopping is never complete without somewhere to enjoy a wonderful meal, and those who find themselves lured to Westfield will love the range of restaurants on offer, which cater for all tastes – whether you’re a fan of Vietnamese street food, Spanish tapas or Argentinean steak and chips.

With all that East London has to offer, a credit card is essential, whether you’re indulging in a day of shopping or trying out London’s finest cuisine. Alternatively, with American Express charge cards, you can enjoy the flexibility of having no pre-set spending limit or interest charges – you simply have to pay your balance in full at the end of each month, and you can enjoy a variety of exclusive membership rewards.

Vegetarian Pizza: Spinach Mushroom Pizza

For how many months of sharing vegetarian foods here, this is my first time to share vegetarian pizza. Smiley

Sbarro’s Spinach Mushroom Vegetarian.

When it comes to pizza, I am very picky where to dine at because there are only a few restaurants in the country that offers a very delicious and really scrumptious pizza. Not to mention, Sbarro, gives the most appetizing one, well, that’s just yet for me.

Ain’t looking hungry. Haha! Smiley

Indeed not so hungry! Smiley

Have an appetizing Sunday everyone and great week ahead!

Sbarro’s Fried Rice

One of the foreign food stops in the country where I used to eat is the Sbarro, Italian restaurant. But that’s only just lately that I loved dining there after one of my friends drag me to dine with her. I don’t eat pasta but I love pizza; perhaps the reason why I didn’t try checking any yummy foods at Sbarro. Another thing, I was thinking before, that they only serves pasta and pizza, which I was wrong.

When I tried one of their chicken menu, I will be posting about that delicious food on my upcoming posts, there was a fried rice included there.

Telling you, I am the most picky foodie eater especially on rice preparation. I hate restaurants which prepare and serve rice that are not inviting in presentation like those almost brownish in color plain rice. How could you eat voraciously then?

Anyway, the Sbarro fried rice that I am showing here above is undeniably great. With regards to the presentation, the each bit of pieces of rice is purely white, robust and really mouth-watering. It was added with sliced into small-sized cubes of green bell peppers and other spices.

Ain’t you enticed to try some yet?

I was thinking then, while grabbing a plate of this, if how does the fried rice tastes when I am eating it in Italy with my family? Haha! I was even checking that moment, with my iPad at my side, some cheap family holidays abroad, most specifically in Italy and the Italy map as well for some spots where there are Sbarro restaurant nearby but just a cheap one. Well then, cheaper cost on holidays spent together with the family is a big plus compared to getting same luxurious experience but, obviously, higher cost. If there’s a cheaper one, why not grab then? Right?