A Platter of Japanese Foods

As I have mentioned before, Japanese Foods are not really my choice but if given a platter of Japanese foods, of course, I would love to give a bite to them. Take a look at my platter below which I took in one of our buffet dinner in an Asian restaurant.

A Platter of Japanese FoodsA Platter of Japanese Foods

They are all bite-size, right? And enough for a chopstick also. But I am no good in using chopsticks so I actually ate these by hand. LOL!

You want some? 🙂


Japanese foods are not really my best choice of foods. But if I’m served with these really mouth-watering piles of sushi, why not grab that momentous servings then?


 Anyway, this was taken during our (M and I) buffet dinner. Smiley Yes! I am in-loved with buffet meals. LOL!  But never mind asking me how to properly eat sushi, I honestly admit, I really do not know! I just used to hand myself each sushi, I don’t use chop sticks. Smiley