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Best Foods on Rainy Days

In this rainy season in the country, where we are experiencing typhoons in this very days, it is best to prepare hot foods in our every table. And here below are just some of the best foods which we Filipinos are used to offer in our table.

1. Congee. Filipinos loved to eat congees of different flavors, seasonings added with lots of herbs. This actually what I also loved to prepare as this is what my family especially my little man loves to eat also. And his favorite one is the hearty chicken liver congee. Even my hubby loved to have a bowl or two of this while reading a newspaper or just simply listening to the falling raindrops.

Best Foods during Rainy Days Congee


2. Noodle Soup. Noodle soup is almost always the easiest one to prepare. You only need the noodles itself and any seasoning and herbs to flavor. One can also add boiled meat. But for me, I loved the noodle soup that is spicy. I usually am having a bowl of this while doing online stuff – having to read full review of anything to read on, while waiting for the rain to stop.

Best Foods during Rainy Days Noodles


These are just two of the best foods we loved to prepare on this rainy days in the Philippines. But I will also add more on this, just check out my next posts.

Korean Noodles Recalled In China

The Xinhua news agency reported that the China’s consumer quality watchdog has recalled instant noodles from South Korea due to carcinogenic content, benzopyrene.

Korean Noodles Recalled in ChinaKorean Noodles Recalled In China (image from

The KFDA confirmed the detection of benzopyrene in the six (types of) noodles. We are blocking the inflow of the noodles as such products do not meet China’s quality standards” a Chinese official said.

This is also to inform everybody to keep an eye always on the imported foods that we are sporting from the groceries. If you suspect any carcinogenic contents, better get rid of those food and report to the legal person immediately.

Pancit Luglug

One noon, we had a lunch gathering in school. Of all the foods that really caught my attention was the Pancit Luglug. Honestly, I have not tried this kind of pansit or noodles. And the fact also that I don’t eat pork nor beef which are the usual ingredients of this pancit, I have much reason not to try even a fork of it.

Pancit LuglugPancit Luglug

When I saw my classmates enjoying the pancit, just that time I asked myself, getting too curious, on how this pancit really tastes like and how this one being prepared or cooked.

Malunggay Veggie Pancit Bato

A healthy pancit — noodles, was  served to me, prepared by my sister the other night while I was checking for web hosting sites that offer great services.

I did not know, honestly, how my sister prepared this pancit or even the Malunggay vegetable recipe itself. I just made myself full after she served it in front of me. LOL!

Above is the packaging of the Malunggay Veggie Pancit Bato. This is a locally-made noodle from Bato, Bicol Region. The Veggie Pancit Bato is available in three different vegetable flavors — Malunggay, Carrots and Squash.

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