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Thai Roti at Blue Elephant

When I and Ernhez attended the Cebu International Travel and Expo 2011 at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino here in Cebu City on July 23, 2011, we had a chance to dine at The Walk in I.T. Park just more or less 200 meters away from the hotel. As I have said before, I am very picky with regards to food, so I was the one who chose where to dine. That time, I was actually craving for Thai Foods and since Ernhez haven’t tried eating at The Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant there, I just brought him there.

Aside from the meal dishes that we ordered, I also ordered Thai Roti to let Ernhez try this foodie also. This is not my first time to eat Roti, though.

When eating Roti, I want it to be tasting sweet yet spicy and salty. So aside from the peanut roti sauce served by the restaurant, I also asked for a sweetened milk from them. That was just to add some more yumminess to the roti.

Have you tried Roti already? Share your stories too!

Happy and Yummy Sunday everyone!

Crispy Chicken Thai Style

Here’s another foodie which we tried at Banana Leaf in Ayala Center Cebu aside from the Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken and Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Salted Fish Thai Style. This is the Crispy Chicken Thai Style. Correct me if I’m wrong or I named this foodie wrongly. I just forgot, I’m not sure again with the name.

One thing which I like with Thai foods is the spicy worth-another-cup-of-rice. The food is indeed spicy, though, but still preserving such distinct taste of the food. Its spiciness never alters the yummy taste of the food.

This Crispy Chicken Thai Style made me burped louder than usual. *burrp..Excuse Me!*

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Salted Fish Thai Style

I and some of my classmates in medical school had a chance to dine out at Banana Leaf, Ayala Center Cebu Terraces last week after some laboratory sessions at one of the big hospitals near Ayala Center.

I ordered Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Salted Fish Thai Style for myself aside from the fact that I do not eat pork nor beef, it’s my first time also to hear such yummy sounds of food after a very tiring hospital routine.

Indeed, the Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Salted Fish Thai Style was so delicious. A very yummy entry for Yummy Sunday!