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Table Setting and Event Preparation for Zach’s 1st Birthday Bash

For a first time mom, to celebrate the first birthday of her first child is such a very exciting and really knee-cracking event preparation. And since hubby’s not around, all of the essential planing are all mine. Though I am confident, I still am having hard time choosing which is which from which. For one very typical to me is just a simple choosing which shade of colors to be used for the said event. I know it will be like the hues of blue and white, but which of those hues is the best one to fit for the event venue and to be used for the Burlap Drapes and Curtains for instance. Isn’t that really mind-puzzling, right?

Anyway, for now, I got some ideas already playing over my mind but haven’t put them all as one yet. Hopefully, the first birthday bash of my little big boss would be as great as I wanted it to be and as memorable for him to be proud of soon as he grows.

Great Food with Great Music

I brought my only son last August 1 in our party where a really great food were served and of course, great music were played by my colleagues. I don’t have much of pictures taken during the event since I put much attention on my kiddo than having with my camera instead. Basically, that would mean that I have had no images of those great foods we ate and those colleagues who sang. I can’t let you all see even one but just this below.

Available Names in Coca-Cola Bottles Philippines

I used to see coca-cola bottles with names of my friends from their Facebook walls. But I was wondering if coca-cola got to have my name also even just nickname on one of their bottles. But I don’t think so.

Here below is the list of available names in coca-cola bottles in the country.

Available Names in Coca-Cola Bottles Philippines

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen mine. What about yours? Is your name on the list above?