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Walt Disney World Opens A Theme Park For Food

Here’s one great news to every Disney spenders, bystanders and travelers. Don’t you know that Walt Disney World has just recently opens A Theme Park For Food. Isn’t that exciting?

Walt Disney World Opens A Theme Park For FoodImage from

Well, though I have not been there personally, but I am very sure that this will add more spices to tourists and spenders in Walt Disney World even such a reason to be there. So aside from those usual gigs which are already inviting to kids and adults, this theme park for food is much for inviting to every folks in life. Everybody will not just enjoy a friendly Mickey mascots or any characters having themselves drums such as emperor x, but also those sumptuous food to try on.

Sure thing this will be a great exciting event of the company.

Cheap Car Hire for Vacation

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In as early as now, my family has been planning already a good place to have our summer vacation with the two kids, Didong and Didang. My mom is so excited looking forward for the two kids’ first flight – first ride on an airplane.

The very first thing that I was thinking of making a reservation now is the best place for accommodation and to find cheap car hire services.

Cheap Car Hire for VacationWhere to find Cheap Car Hire Services?

Even though my place, my apartment, could welcome as many family members as I wanted to, I am worried if they will be comfortable in staying here. The apartment might be too small — be crowded, if we all will stay in my room to sleep during the night. Yes, the apartment has three rooms but all these are occupied by my other housemates. So even how big the building per se, my room isn’t enough for us to take our deepest sleep or to have our rest. That is why, I need to find best place for us to stay aside from my place.

Another thing is I need to find cheap car hire deals and services which could smoothly cater us in almost but not all tourist destinations that we wanted to visit. It is much convenient to have rent a car so that if we have a number of baggage especially those for the kids, we can just bring them all inside the car. We can also have our foods and drinks, as plenty as we could prepare, if we have a spacious food cargo and just put it in the compartment of the car.

These are just some points that I am thinking as of now before Summer vacation hits. Now, I need to finalize these all.

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During my vacation, two weeks ago, I and my family had a chance to relax and enjoy one of the white sand beaches in Davao City. Though we we’re not lucky enough to avail for any cheap all inclusive holidays’ packages, what we spent were just worth-enough to savor the cool breeze and stress-free ambiance in the beach resort.

Wrong parking?!? Smiley

The cherry above is supposed to be on the top of the halo-halo desert of my elder brother, Carlo. He placed the cherry beside piled cups for soups because Didang, her daughter, doesn’t like to eat cherries. So when mom saw this image on my camera, she was laughing and keep on asking why the cherry is at wrong parking area.

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Cheesy Maja Blanca

This year’s vacation holiday for me from school is one of the unexpectedly enjoyable holidays I have. It is because the whole family have had enough bonding moments. We were just six in the family, regardless of the extended ones, my mom and dad and we – the four siblings. My brother and sisters are all working professionals already and with our different busy schedules, one could think that it would be very impossible for us to get-together aside from Christmas seasons. It was just a quick gathering for us, like a day or two, though, but at least, we did!

Anyway, so much with those dramas, and don’t worry much because I will be sharing other stuff what the family did last week in my personal blog. In here, I will show you, one by one, some foodies that we have prepared.

I have here the cheesy maja blanca that was served during my cousin, Maggie’s birthday on October 31, 2011 which she celebrated at home. Her mom was the one who prepared this maja blanca.

Cheesy Maja BlancaCheesy Maja Blanca

Sorry guys if I can’t share how to prepare this one. I was asleep when this one’s being done. When I woke, I just saw my cousin’s classmates in our living room already. Haha!

Have a cheesy yummy Sunday everyone!

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