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Heart-shaped Moringa Leaf catches my attention

Having the Moringa leaves in our chicken or fish soup is not new to me. But seeing a heart-shaped moringa leaf from a bunch of stems that I was stuffing, it really caught my attention.

Moringa Leaf

From the image above, the heart-shaped leaf is just so perfectly heart-shaped for me. This, for me, is just a reminder that this Moringa not just provides a lot of benefits for me as I am still breastfeeding but for my heart as well. And maybe this reminds me that it is February already. Smiley

But whatever it would be, this heart-shaped moringa, or even those with regular leaf shape, has a lot of good stuff to provide to us. It is used as a supplement in treating the so-called “tired blood” or anemia. It is also used to treat arthritis and other joint pain, asthma, cancer, constipation, diabetes and a lot more illnesses and even parasitic infections. As mentioned above, this Moringa  also helps me produce or increase my breast milk production.

Moreover, locally, this Moringa is known as Malunggay, Kamunggay, Kalamunggay. Even the seeds and the flowers of this Moringa plant can be added in any soups and can be consumed. You may also check my previous posts regarding Malunggay menus: Vegetarian Mixed Malunggay Canton, Malunggay Veggie Pancit Bato, Seafood Mixed in Malunggay Canton.


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I have hard time thinking of any “O” words from the local dialect. Good enough that my classmate and also a housemate reminded me earlier about our Otan dishes last Sunday during my love’s birthday surprise dinner. Smiley

Otan means Gulay or Vegie dishes in Cebuano or Visaya. So here’s some Otan for you guys!

Vegetable Foods During M’s Birthday

I just want to share here some and ONLY the vegetable foods during my love’s birthday dinner. Actually, that was just a surprised birthday dinner. You can read the full story about my surprise for him here.

Hope you enjoy my vegie foodies here!

Seafood Chopsuey

Happy and Yummy Sunday Everyone!

I missed Yummy Sunday the past weeks. I’ve been very busy with my last vacation and with our classes in medical school that has yet just started.

Anyway, I’d like to share to you my latest yummy vegie (gulay) treat with mom and nephew, Didong, at Max’s Restaurant, Ayala Center, Cebu City, the Seafood Chopsuey.

Seafood Chopsuey

Have a great week ahead guys!!!