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Top 10 cleansing foods

In the diversity of food materials that we consume every day, it is best to detox ourselves from time to time for us to stay healthy and fit.

Below are some of the top cleansing foods which I just recently stumbled upon from a lifestyle section of

1. Lemons. These are best source of Vitamin C and are good for detoxification since these have alkaline effects on the body as these restores the body’s pH balance.

Lemon and GingerLemons and Ginger

2. Ginger. Ginger has an antioxidant property which help flush out highly consumed fatty foods and alcohols. It also help counteract nausea.

3. Garlic. One thing which I always hear from my grandparents about the health benefits of garlic is that it is best for the heart and even help any heart diseases.  It also has some detoxifying effects on the body.

4. Artichoke. These are good after a fat-filled and alcohol-filled meal because of its high content of antioxidant and fat fibers.


5. Beetroot. Aside from its detoxifying abilities, Beetroots have are good immune boosters because of its high content of vitamin C and other minerals like magnesium and iron.

6. Green Tea. We always hear that green teas are good for losing weight, but aside from that, it is also good a detoxifying fluid.

7. Cabbage. Cabbage has weight losing capacity and a good detox food as well because of its content, sulforaphane, which fights body toxins.

8. Fresh Fruit. Fresh fruits always have loads of vitamins and minerals but low in calories. These are also good detox diet.

9. Brown Rice. Good source of B vitamins, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous and is a good detoxifying agent.

10. Watercress. What I loved most about watercress is its natural diuretic properties. That is why I loved this as breakfast meal. Other detoxifying elements from watercress include zinc, Vitamin E and B vitamins as well as Vitamin C. It also has potassium.


Mediterranean Diet Fights Heart Disease

Since summer months are just around the corner, people are rushing to fit the best swim wear they could shop for. So, as early as now, many are already trying to get rid of those extra flabs by dieting. And the best diet way, by far, which does not only helps anybody reduce fats, but it also helps fight heart diseases is the Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean Diet

The above image shows what and when to eat those fruits, vegetables and meats. Perhaps one can save much silver coins for this kind of diet.

Fatty Foods for Pregnants increase chances of breast cancers for daughters and granddaughters

While browsing over for karaoke cds, I stumbled upon news and updates for pregnant women about food consumption. This is about fatty food consumption.

Fatty foods for Pregnants increase chances of breast cancers for daughters and granddaughtersFatty foods for Pregnants increase chances of breast cancers for daughters and granddaughters (image from

A study just recently conducted revealed that pregnant women who consume more fatty foods during pregnancy increases the chances of having daughters and granddaughters to suffer from breast cancer.

You may read more about the study here.

Tomatoes reduces Stroke Risks

According to the researchers in Finland, lycopene – the bright red chemical found in tomatoes are linked to the reduction of stroke risks.

Tomatoes reduces Stroke RisksTomatoes reduces Stroke Risks (image from

The said researchers were investigating lycopene contents in the bloodstream of the subject groups and found that those who have high contents of lycopene in the blood, have low risks of stroke.

Well then, this is a very good information and research study that we all need to know for us to stay healthy and to keep ourselves disease free.