Vegan Mung Bean Soup

Choosing the healthy diet, eating the right food are just some of the things I always keep in my mind when I was in Cebu City. I could say that because of the nearest Vegan restaurant in my apartment, I was able to maintain and control the foods that I consume. This Vegan Mung Bean soup below that I am sharing here, this reminds me of those days that I and M were sporting for homes for rent in fayetteville nc. Oh! I mean in Metro Manila and not in NC.

Vegan Mung Bean SoupVegan Mung Bean Soup

Here in my new place, I could always break eating healthy foods because of the unavailability of Vegan food preparations. And In as much as I wanted to prepare my own food, I still cannot because we are not allowed to cook here. I just wish I could find a Vegan restaurant near here soon.

Contaminated Lettuce in Dublin, CA, RECALLED!

The Tanimura & Antle Inc. recalled their farm product, Lettuce vegetable due to possible contamination of Escherichia coli O157:H7 bacteria (E. Coli O157:H7).

Contaminated Lettuce in Dublin, CA

Contaminated Lettuce in Dublin, CA (image from

 As shown with the image above, the products are labeled with Tanimura & Antle Inc. with the UPC number 0-27918-20314-9.

 This Escherichia coli O157:H7 bacteria (E. Coli O157:H7)can cause diarrhea and even hemolytic anemia to other people. Hence, this is a warning and a precaution to shoppers.

How to choose Veggies from the Grocery Store?

One afternoon, it was just a random strolling in the mall for M and I when we passed by at the grocery store and saw a couple who brought with them their little kid. The guy was a foreigner while the woman was a Filipina. They caught our attention when the guy almost raising his voice addressing to the woman like how will your head roll about walker of their baby if they will bring their baby inside the store.

I didn’t mind them more and just opted to continue what I and M were doing when suddenly, and again, the guy’s voice raised again and asked his wife how to choose veggies from the grocery store. The couple ended up like arguing about choosing veggies. LOL!

Stay Healthy, Eat VEGETABLES!

There’s no other reminder but to eat fresh fruits and vegetables my mom used to do for me to stay healthy. But of course, this should be accompanied with a healthy living like no vices — no cigarette smoking, hard liquors, and keeping myself off from a sedentary lifestyle. In short, I need to exercise, keep myself moving and take those sweats out.

Oh Gosh Gulay

For one and only reason that I’ve learned and what has mom told me, being sick is not easy and nowadays, it is very costly. Though there are health insurances which are just easy to avail and apply for, take an example, the no health check life insurance offered by, still, prevention — preventing oneself to get sick and staying healthy is the easiest and simplest thing to do not to get sick.