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Vegetables You SHOULD NOT Refrigerate

Here are some of the vegetables that SHOULD NOT be refrigerated.

PotatoesPotatoes (image from

The flavors of potatoes are altered by refrigeration.

OnionsOnions (image from

Onions would tend to be mushy when stayed longer inside the fridge.


TomatoesTomatoes (image from

Tomatoes easily gotten soft when inside the fridge.

Actually, there are still more foods that shouldn’t be refrigerated not just merely vegetables. And also, this just recently popped out in my mind when I remembered the sprocket inside the fridge in the dormitory, those best columbia mens jackets shouldn’t be included, supposedly. However, my foreigner dorm-mate put his jackets inside the fridge for reasons I do not know!

Tomatoes reduces Stroke Risks

According to the researchers in Finland, lycopene – the bright red chemical found in tomatoes are linked to the reduction of stroke risks.

Tomatoes reduces Stroke RisksTomatoes reduces Stroke Risks (image from

The said researchers were investigating lycopene contents in the bloodstream of the subject groups and found that those who have high contents of lycopene in the blood, have low risks of stroke.

Well then, this is a very good information and research study that we all need to know for us to stay healthy and to keep ourselves disease free.

Jack Fruit Meat Salad

If you used to follow this food — vegetable blog of mine, you’d surely knew that I love to eat vegetable salads. These salads are not those that what we usually could buy in any food chain or restaurants, but these are home-made salads.

So today, here’s Jack Fruit Meat Salad which is one of the many salads that I am craving to have at this very moment.

Jack Fruit Meat Salad

But guys, just pardon me if I can’t share to you how to prepare this. As what I keep mentioning before, I am just a foodie, an eater, LOL, but never a cook nor have hands to prepare tasty delicious foods at home.

But as far as I know, this Jack Fruit Meat Salad is made of jack fruit meat mixed with other vegetables like tomatoes and spices like garlic.

Fish Kinilaw

When I am at home, one of the foods that I really want my mom or any members of the family to prepare is Fish Kinilaw or Fish Ceviche.

Fish Kinilaw

Fish Kinilaw is made and prepared with fresh fish, uncooked but well-marinated in a lemon juice. Before, my mom used to add sliced pork barbeque to add more flavors other than the spices. However, since I stopped eating pork, she only prepare the fish ceviche with fish alone aadded some vegetables like tomatoes and of course, spices like garlic.

This is really what I am craving at this very moment. How I wish I could prepare one. But sad to say, honestly, I don’t know how to prepare Fish Kinilaw or Fish Ceviche.