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Tropical Fruit Salad from Mandarin Tea Garden

Here’s a treat for everybody before celebrating the Christmas day with loads of carbo- and choles-full meals, here’s a serving of fresh, nutritious and undeniably delicious Tropical Fruit Salad from Mandarin Tea Garden.

Tropical Fruit Salad from Mandarin Tea GardenTropical Fruit Salad from Mandarin Tea Garden

If I am not mistaken, the fruits included in this fruit salad are as follows:

  • banana
  • watermelon
  • mango
  • papaya

Isn’t this good for our health? Smiley

Banana Turon (Banana Lumpia)

One of my favorite snacks to grab in any hour of the day is Banana Turon; spells turrón in Spanish.

Banana TuronBanana Turon

Banana Turon, as its name implies, is made of slices of banana. If am not mistaken, those slices of banana were dusted with brown sugar. These bananas were rolled in a spring roll wrapper and deep fried.

This is my entry for Blog Photo Challenge.

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Yummy Banana Pancake at The Pancake House

I’m not pretty sure if there’s The Pancake House here in Cebu City but as far as I’ve roamed around the city, I haven’t seen one. So when I went home on March 30, 2012, I asked mom to have us some pieces of pancakes coz I really missed the tempting and yummy banana pancake from there.

Yummy Banana Pancake at Pancake House

Why I love Banana Pancake at The Pancake House? The sour-sweet taste of banana perfectly blends to the pancake itself plus the melted cream on it was really a heaven for me. In fact, mom was kind of anew to my reaction when she saw me having a slice of the cake. She said I was looking like I haven’t eaten a pancake since ever. Smiley

So just think how I was delighted to have even a slice of the yummy banana pancake at The Pancake House. Smiley

This is my share for this week’s Yummy Sunday. Actually, a comeback entry after gone for, I forgot how many weeks I haven’t joined Yummy Sunday. Haha!

Have you dine at any Pancake Houses too? How did you find their pancakes?

By the way, I will share to you on my next post what my mom’s pancake choice was.