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National Beer Day 2017

For the past years since I started blogging, April 7 is always one of the many celebrations of the year that I do not forget. This day reminds me of how beer would help the body get into the balance it needs. But perhaps you are thinking of me as a beer drinker, sorry but I do not. I am not a beer drinker. I do drink liquor before but not beer.

National Beer Day 2017

Anyway, Happy Happy National Beer Day everyone! Enjoy your every mug of beer tonight! Cheers!

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National Beer Day 2016

What is your favorite beer to grab if you are given a number of flavors in front of you? Well, if I am in that shoes then, given the fact that I am breastfeeding, I still can’t grab or even just a sip of that beer. I need to keep myself healthy by eating and drinking healthy.

National Beer Day

National Beer Day 2016

But because it’s National Beer Day 2016 today, I am inviting you all to have a sip of your favorite beer today! Enjoy your beer guys! Have a great day!

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