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Musical Instrument Cake

I am not really a food techie but I just love to blog and share what foods I’ve eaten, I’ve tried cooking and preparing and of course, those food also which I haven’t tasted yet but really wanting to prepare them myself. And one of the latest food cravings that I have is the musical instrument cake which I first saw in a friend’s birthday party.

Musical Instrument CakeMusical Instrument Cake (image from flickr.com)

The musical instrument cake above was not the cake I’ve seen and tried a spoonful from a birthday party of my friend. But it was looking like that. See? Isn’t that so cute and really beautiful cake which every music lover would love to receive on their birthdays. Right?

So, for any birthday of music lover friends, this is a great idea a gift as an alternative when budget is too tight. Instead of thinking to buy instruments at guitar center as a birthday presents, you can have this musical instrument cake.

The Family that EATS together, stays LONGER!

One of the things that brings the whole family, WHOLE EXTENDED FAMILY rather, get together is during any family member’s birthday party. Isn’t it?

Last Dec. 19, 2010, we celebrated our grandmother and my sister, Bait, birthday together. Smiley My grandmother’s birthday is every Dec. 20. She turned 82 years old that day. While my sister’s is on Dec. 18 celebrating her 28th brithday. Since I just arrived home on the 19th, and humbly sharing, I was the one who hosted the birthday party, we made the celebration as one on the day I arrived in our province from Cebu City. Smiley

This is the picture that we love most because this shows the complete generation, thanked God, we are fortunately having in our family up until today – My mom (my grandmother eldest daughter), my grandmother, who used to be with us since I was a kid, Didong, my sister, Bait’s only son and my Sister, Bait, my second sibling and my eldest sister. Smiley

This is Dodong, by far, the youngest kiddo in our family who just turned 1 last June 8, 2010. He is the youngest and only son of my brother, the Telling you guys, we are just a simple extended family currently residing in one bountiful land in the Philippines where my dad’s farm is located. We are as simple as like satisfied already to have and to savor 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks. But please bare with us, we are FOODIE FAMILY. Isn’t it obvious? We all are BIG coz we love to eat! Smiley