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Cake For Bookworms

We are a family of bookworms. Our deepest love for books extends through generations, it runs in the blood or so they say. Recently, a cousin of mine, who is also a librarian and a die-hard bibliophile, celebrated her birthday.

Book Cake

Her birthday cake was shaped as a purple book carefully adorned with little books that are perfectly placed around it and a little lady in a purple dress, who is absorbed in reading. What seemed to be more surprising was the inside of the cake! A melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake covered in a thick chocolate frosting. It was by far one of the best cakes I have ever tasted! If given the chance, I would love to meet whoever made it and ask for the recipe; witnessing him in the dessert’s actual preparation would be much better. With the zoom audio recorder, I would love to record all the processes made in the making of such scrumptious desert and create my own version of it at home.

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Didong’s 10th Birthday Cake — Pokemon Birthday Cake

I just didn’t notice how time flies so fast. It was like yesterday that I baked Didong’s 9th birthday cake and today, he’s celebrating his 10th birthday. But since I am here in the city and he’s in the province with his mom, I cannot prepare myself his birthday cake. His mom just decided to have him a customized fondant cake from where I ordered for my son’s 3rd birthday cake.

Pokemon Birthday CakePokemon Birthday Cake

Above is the design of choice of Didong for his 10th birthday. With two fondant pocket monsters, Pikachu and Mega Charizard as well as a pocket ball on top, which are all edible, this 8-inch width round cake is a red velvet with pecan nuts inside. Designs are superb! The taste is really great too!

Didong actually was confused at first on what his cake would look like. He has had a lot of designs and thoughts, which made him and his mom small argument. It was like they are talking about acoustic guitar parts that are of various kinds and brands. But good thing they ended up with the above design after almost a month of tweaking how the pocket monster would be in place.

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Cake Tasting for Zach’s 3rd Birthday Cake, Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

After sporting for the best 3rd birthday boy cake ideas for more than 2 weeks, I finally come up with a great cake design. But actually, it wasn’t my choice but my son’s. Of course, I do not want to choose the theme and motif for his birthday because I want him to decide according to what he wants and likes since it is his birthday that we will be celebrating. I want him to get more excited that I could imagine and the most memorable one to date for him.

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys

My little man chose Paw Patrol, specifically Chase, the paw patrol character on the top-most of his cake. This is his fave cartoon show this time. So once he gets decided, I immediately contacted my good friend who has cake business. There after, she invited me for a cake tasting afternoon for me to decide which would be the best cake to choose for my cake order.

Upon entering the shop, which actually was my first time ever, I was welcomed by a very tempting near-to-real yamaha psr piano keyboard cake. The store attendant noticed me getting hooked at the cake, she explained that it was an order by a girlfriend of a pianist whom her boyfriend will be celebrating birthday on that day. I just told myself to get back in my kitchen and start baking again.

Moreover, the cake tasting session we had was great. I had my perfect choice of cake, which my son also loved forkful of it.

Just so hoping that our cake order will come out real cute like the image above.

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