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Warning on Processed Foods with Prohibited Coloring Agents

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning the public on processed foods sold in the streets which were found to have prohibited coloring agents added on those foods.

Mango with BagoongMango with Bagoong (image from inquirer.net)

The said prohibited coloring agents are rhodamine-B, a cancer-causing substances found in dyes and are used as tracers in water and air flow studies. These processed foods are “icing candy” which came from Cebu Crown Grocery, the “red gulaman” from Carbon Public Market, and the shrimp paste from Robinson’s Grocery in Talisay, Cebu.

So guys, please be careful and aware of what you are buying in the market.

Churros con Tsokolate at Tablea Chocolate Cafe

As what I’ve always been telling, one of the things I am always missing from Cebu City is their varied food stalls and foods itself. Yeah! If you wish to try different foods, one should better check Cebu City.

Anyway, the Tablea Chocolate Cafe which serves Churros con Tsokolate is the very first chocolate shop where I tasted original really tasty original cacao beans.

PhotobucketChurros con Tsokolate at Tablea Chocolate Cafe

One of a serving of a Churros con Tsokolate at Tablea Chocolate Cafe consist of a cup-full of very delicious tablea chocolate drink and a 3-piece churros sticks.

Many said it is not good to drink more than a cup of the tablea chocolate drink since it can abruptly elevate blood pressure. But for me, a cup of it is not enough. I usually consume 2 servings of Churros con Tsokolate. Well, no one can blame me, the chocolate is really yummy and worthy! Smiley

PhotobucketTablea Chocolate Cafe

Crystal Shoe Cupcakes

Can you still remember the Crystal Shoe Cake that I have shared to you before? If so, here’s another crystal shoe dessert but not a cake anymore, a Crystal Shoe Cupcake.

Crystal Shoe Cupcakes

This was actually 3-layer cakes where the first two layers are made of cupcakes with small crystal shoes on top. While the top-most layer is a large cake with a crystal shoe on top. You may visit the Crystal Shoe Cake here.

As I have mentioned before, this cake was taken at SM Cebu City on February 2012, during my mom and brother’s visit.

Baked Scallops

Since I moved here in my new “dwelling place”, I already missed eating buffet meals in any hotels. One reason is that, I am not familiar with the place I am in now and I am also afraid to lure the city by myself alone. So basically, I have no other kitchen and tables to eat at but only fast food chains.

This morning, when I was browsing over my files, I intentionally look back at those gluttonous eats I had before especially in Cebu City. Telling you guys, Cebu City is top among thee, should I say, “foodie places” I ever been to. One of the foods I missed from there are baked scallops.

Baked Scallops

Would you like to know where I usually had a plate of baked scallops in Cebu City? Oh noh!, never mind asking because I am pretty sure you might be amazed. LOL! Well, I am a very big fan of buffet meals, as I have mentioned earlier. I’ve been to different food stops and hotels in Cebu City where buffet meals are offered.

Isn’t that baked scallops really delightful?