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National Beer Day 2016

What is your favorite beer to grab if you are given a number of flavors in front of you? Well, if I am in that shoes then, given the fact that I am breastfeeding, I still can’t grab or even just a sip of that beer. I need to keep myself healthy by eating and drinking healthy.

National Beer Day

National Beer Day 2016

But because it’s National Beer Day 2016 today, I am inviting you all to have a sip of your favorite beer today! Enjoy your beer guys! Have a great day!

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February 22 is National Margarita Day 2016

It’s been more than 3 years that I have not taken any alcoholic beverages, specifically this Margarita. The very reason is my pregnancy and breastfeeding. And today that we are celebrating the National Margarita Day 2016, I am drooling with those glasses of Margarita I’ve seen elsewhere in the social media sites.

National Margarita Day 2016Image from galehotel.com

Here in the Philippines, and just the same from other countries, Margarita is served in salted rim glass. It is a cocktail drink that is tequila-based with triple and and lemon juice, or if available, lime is the perfect blend.

So guys, grab your glasses now and starting mixing your triple blend to create your Margarita treat.

National Beer Day 2015

It’s good to sometimes have a sip of a glass of beer from our table. So in this National Beer Day 2015 celebration, it is, I guess another day to grab our mugs of beer at home and celebrate with us.

National Beer Day

National Beer Day 2015

Today’s celebration is not really that familiar and most-celebrated here in the Philippines but somehow, to those who knew, it is not bad to join the world in this celebration. I actually have seen and known a few who celebrate this awesome event. In fact while I was browsing online for musical instruments from here, I was able to bump into a blog of a friend who just shared how they started the day with a bang of glasses of beer.

So guys, just a reminder, you can enjoy the rest of the day but of course, drinking beer must be of moderation. Happy National Beer Day again!

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Champagne Party

 It’s been awhile since I haven’t attended nor even joined in organizing a champagne party. I just realized it lately when I saw an invitation received by a doctor and found it would be such enjoyable and interesting event.


But of course, during the said party, champagnes are not just the only thing to be offered in the event but also classy cigars like perdomo. I admit, I have tried smoking once in my life but haven’t tried perdomo yet.

Hopefully, as the year will end, my circle of friends will hold a champagne party and I am sure to attend the said event.

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