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Trying out Lemon Zest in Rice Cake or Biko

On my birthday, I prepared rice cake or biko since it’s one of my favorite Filipino delicacy. What I added to the glutinous rice, brown sugar and coconut milk are lemon zest, lemon juice and sliced ginger to add more flavors to the rice cake.

Rice Cake or Biko

Pardon me but I failed to take pictures of my rice cake. The image above is not mine, I just lifted that over the internet. Next time, I will make it sure to take photos of those, I proclaimed, yummy and mouth-watering rice cake I made.

Crispy Chicken Thai Style

Here’s another foodie which we tried at Banana Leaf in Ayala Center Cebu aside from the Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken and Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Salted Fish Thai Style. This is the Crispy Chicken Thai Style. Correct me if I’m wrong or I named this foodie wrongly. I just forgot, I’m not sure again with the name.

One thing which I like with Thai foods is the spicy worth-another-cup-of-rice. The food is indeed spicy, though, but still preserving such distinct taste of the food. Its spiciness never alters the yummy taste of the food.

This Crispy Chicken Thai Style made me burped louder than usual. *burrp..Excuse Me!*

White Desiccated Coconut

Every time I buy Kutsinta, I always remove the desiccated coconut. Hehe. It’s because I have an allergy with coconut foodies – those with coconut milk and the desiccated coconut too.

Happy Whitey Wednesday!!!