Start of Panic Buying

Christmas and Holiday season is just around the corner and just yesterday, many think that it’s the time to start panic buying not just for Christmas presents but also food ingredients to be offered during the Christmas and the New Year’s eve.

Start of Panic Buying

While doing my grocery, I’d been seeing shoppers bagging those on sale music instruments which I first saw online, the one looking like the martin retro at musicians friend, drums, and other instruments. I also thought of grabbing that said discounted instruments and tried looking for piano. But I still turned out shopping for food stuff instead.

As the Christmas eve is getting near, it is expected that shopping malls will be getting more and more crowded.

Friday is Grocery Day

Fridayis Grocery Day. That is my usual routine for how many years.

Grocery (image source and credits)

However, since I moved in here (in my new place) I need to change my weekly routine also because I still have classes during Saturdays. Hence, Saturdays now will be my grocery day.

On the past Saturday, I was just alone doing the grocery. And so, I had enough time for myself to roam around the mall before diving in to the supermarket. Believe it or not, it took me too long in sporting for outdoor speakers which I just realized that I don’t really need it much than indoor speakers. I just totally out of plan not until M called me and asked how my grocery went on.

Well, that was what happened on Saturday. Tomorrow, hopefully, I could give myself another day at the mall, not just to do the grocery but to relax as well.