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A Platter of Japanese Foods

As I have mentioned before, Japanese Foods are not really my choice but if given a platter of Japanese foods, of course, I would love to give a bite to them. Take a look at my platter below which I took in one of our buffet dinner in an Asian restaurant.

A Platter of Japanese FoodsA Platter of Japanese Foods

They are all bite-size, right? And enough for a chopstick also. But I am no good in using chopsticks so I actually ate these by hand. LOL!

You want some? 🙂


Japanese foods are not really my best choice of foods. But if I’m served with these really mouth-watering piles of sushi, why not grab that momentous servings then?


 Anyway, this was taken during our (M and I) buffet dinner. Smiley Yes! I am in-loved with buffet meals. LOL!  But never mind asking me how to properly eat sushi, I honestly admit, I really do not know! I just used to hand myself each sushi, I don’t use chop sticks. Smiley

World’s Most Expensive Sushi

Don’t you know that the World’s Most Expensive Sushi is found in the Philippines?

Yes! You heard it right. The World’s Most Expensive Sushi is from Manila, Philippines. It is prepared by the ‘Karat Chef’, Angelito Araneta Jr. He placed African diamonds and pearls to create the World’s Most Expensive Sushi.