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February 22 is National Margarita Day 2016

It’s been more than 3 years that I have not taken any alcoholic beverages, specifically this Margarita. The very reason is my pregnancy and breastfeeding. And today that we are celebrating the National Margarita Day 2016, I am drooling with those glasses of Margarita I’ve seen elsewhere in the social media sites.

National Margarita Day 2016Image from galehotel.com

Here in the Philippines, and just the same from other countries, Margarita is served in salted rim glass. It is a cocktail drink that is tequila-based with triple and and lemon juice, or if available, lime is the perfect blend.

So guys, grab your glasses now and starting mixing your triple blend to create your Margarita treat.

February 22, 2013 is US National Margarita Day

A cheer with a toast to the United States’ National Margarita Day!  Smiley  How I wish the Philippines would have a special day to celebrate like this one too.

February 22, 2013 is US National Margarita DayClassic Margarita (image from nydailynews.com)

I am not recommending that we all drink Margarita or wines, or even beer and other hard liquor, but occasional and moderate drinking is not too bad for our health. Isn’t it? Smiley And in conjunction to this event in the US, some foodie stops offer discounted prices on margarita drinks like the Stoney’s every Fridays from 5 to 7 PM while Café Deluxe and Tortilla Coast offer $5 Margaritas all day. Smiley