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Sizzling Marinated Blue Marlin

It’s Sunday once again guys! It’s time to share our yummiest food servings!

Mine here below is a Sizzling Marinated Blue Marlin which I ate on Monday, October 10, 2011 at the  Mooon Cafe in Robinsons Cybergate, Cebu City.

Sizzling Marinated Blue Marlin from Moon Cafe


Aside from the fact that fishes are healthy foods, the sizzling marinated blue marlin was also very lusciously tasteful during that time I was craving for one. This is really a must try.

Have a yummy Sunday everyone!

Fish Fillet from Mooon Cafe

If you didn’t know yet, I don’t eat pork nor beef. And oh, I forgot, I also don’t eat crustaceans. Obviously, most of the time, I only eat fish menu and vegetables. Smiley

So here, I wanna share one of my fave foods from Mooon Cafe is their fish fillet.

Off course, we shouldn’t miss diet coolers, I forgot the exact name of this drink from Mooon Cafe. I love this one because its name implies healthy living. Pardon me, but I really forgot the name of this drink.