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A Serenade while having Dinner

It’s always good to have a dinner with your loved ones in a perfect table-set night with a serenade of your most favorite song. How do you feel having that in front of you? Isn’t it such a sweet thing, right? Yes, it is!

Dinner Serenade

This is just one of the sweet stuff I want to experience but with my family. I am not telling I haven’t had this before, but most of those were because it was my birthday. Of course, this time around, I want to experience it not because of a celebration, but just to celebrate any ordinary day as special one.

In fact, I have just witnessed a serenade next to our table and it seemed like I was the one being serenaded at because I was giggling also. The music was just so sweet and emotional as it even moved me. However, a not so unfortunate thing happened as one of the 62 strat reissue of one of the singers eventually broke while they were performing. But still, they made the moment extraordinary. Overall, the night was awesome.

It is time for spring and summer wedding – – and rehearsal dinners too!

Spring has finally come and with it a host of brides making plans for their upcoming weddings.  With so much to do, planning the rehearsal dinner may have fallen to the back burner.  Of course, the dress and the location for the wedding are the top two on any bride’s to-do list.  Besides, the groom’s family is supposed to take care of the rehearsal dinner, right?  In reality, most brides are not going to leave something so important to the groom or his family.  She is going to have some say in the planning and the venue.  With so much stress placed on both the bride and the groom, it is amazing how a wedding ever comes off without a hitch.  Fortunately, most of them do and the bride and groom live happily ever after.

We are happy to tell you that we can take one of the more stressful portions off your bridal plate – – the rehearsal dinner.  If you were having a polish wedding, it would make sense that you would want one of the Polish Restaurants Chicago to host your rehearsal dinner.  With so many Chicago Restaurants to choose from, you may wonder why choose Olivia’s Taste Restaurant for your rehearsal dinner.  Here are some of the top reasons:

  • Best polish cuisine in Chicago – Everything we serve is made with the freshest ingredients from traditional, family recipes.  We guarantee that you will love everything on our menu.  Our food is fresh, delicious and hot.  We can customize a menu for your rehearsal dinner or allow your guests to order from our menu.
  • Family-owned and operated – Because we are family-owned, we take pride in making each customer feel like they are part of our family.  We will treat your family as if it were our family and our rehearsal dinner.  We will take care of everything for you down to the smallest touch.
  • Relaxed atmosphere – Because a wedding is stressful, you should be able to relax at the rehearsal dinner, laugh and enjoy the company of good friends and family.  You do not want your rehearsal dinner at one of those stuffy Chicago restaurants where everyone whispers and no one enjoys themselves.  We want you to relax and have a good evening so that you will feel less stressed for the big day.
  • No prep or cleanup – We do all of the preparation, setup and cleanup for you.  You do not need to lift a finger.  Our friendly staff will be there for you to make sure that all of your needs are met.  When you finish with your delicious meal and you are ready to leave, you leave the mess with us so that you can go enjoy the rest of your evening and prepare for your wedding day.

We guarantee that you will be pleased with your rehearsal dinner if you choose Olivia’s Taste Restaurant.  Our family will do everything within our power to make sure that the night before your wedding is just as wonderful as the wedding day itself.

Dining while working

Working double time is becoming normal nowadays with the fast-paced world we live. I remember when I am dining in one of my favorite restaurants, a client messaged me and informs me that she wants me to edit and print her purchased design and have it shipped to her place.

Dining while working

I was in total awe while reading the message because we are continents apart and it is impossible for me to print and ship her order, as it would cost her double and even more. With this in mind, I think of having eoncode web to print solutions part of my little design business so I will never lose an income again.

Restaurant Repair

It was a typical fine day when M invited me to dine out and when we get there in a local restaurant, we didn’t noticed that a part of the restaurant was actually being closed for repair including the second door where we usually enter.While waiting for our orders to be served, we heard the manager talking to the workers discussing about materials to be used that are still in-style and colors still fit to the over-all hue of the restaurant. I also heard them discussing for some phenolic round knobs to be used as replacement of the broken knobs on the drawers of the kitchen tables and a lot more.

Restaurant RepairRestaurant Repair (image from restaurantowner.com)

Having those heard, M mentioned why they still operate where in fact there are people working on the repair of their restaurant. But because we love their foods much, I just didn’t react more.

Hoping the restaurant will operate fully as soon as they could.