Sbarro’s Fried Rice

One of the foreign food stops in the country where I used to eat is the Sbarro, Italian restaurant. But that’s only just lately that I loved dining there after one of my friends drag me to dine with her. I don’t eat pasta but I love pizza; perhaps the reason why I didn’t try checking any yummy foods at Sbarro. Another thing, I was thinking before, that they only serves pasta and pizza, which I was wrong.

When I tried one of their chicken menu, I will be posting about that delicious food on my upcoming posts, there was a fried rice included there.

Telling you, I am the most picky foodie eater especially on rice preparation. I hate restaurants which prepare and serve rice that are not inviting in presentation like those almost brownish in color plain rice. How could you eat voraciously then?

Anyway, the Sbarro fried rice that I am showing here above is undeniably great. With regards to the presentation, the each bit of pieces of rice is purely white, robust and really mouth-watering. It was added with sliced into small-sized cubes of green bell peppers and other spices.

Ain’t you enticed to try some yet?

I was thinking then, while grabbing a plate of this, if how does the fried rice tastes when I am eating it in Italy with my family? Haha! I was even checking that moment, with my iPad at my side, some cheap family holidays abroad, most specifically in Italy and the Italy map as well for some spots where there are Sbarro restaurant nearby but just a cheap one. Well then, cheaper cost on holidays spent together with the family is a big plus compared to getting same luxurious experience but, obviously, higher cost. If there’s a cheaper one, why not grab then? Right?

Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken

I have here another rice foodie preparation that I have tried at the Banana Leaf restaurant in Ayala Center Cebu last week. Aside from the Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Salted Fish Thai Style that I ordered, I suggested this Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken for my classmates. And, honestly, since it’s sounding new to us, we ordered this rice instead of just plain rice.

As its name implied, it’s really salty. Fried rice, as I have known, are tasting more differently than the plain rice. And usually, fried rice are already salty. But with this Penang Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken of Banana Leaf Restaurant, the rice became more salty because of the salted fish mixed to it.

But overall, the rice is still yummy! Hope you can try that one guys! Happy Yummy Sunday!