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Fresh Seafood Online

I’m such a craver for seafood. Before, I used to have allergies to crustaceans specifically crabs and shrimps. After I was admitted to the hospital, after suffering from severe allergic reactions due to crabs, I was advised to acclimate myself from those food since I love to have a plateful of it. That time I experienced severe loss bowel movement which even resulted to dehydration and an overall redness and itchiness of my skin. I was immediately rushed to the emergency room and was given appropriate medications.

But now, I am happily enjoying every single drop of sauce a piece of shrimp temptingly produces. Yes, I do not have any allergic attacks after more than five years of shaping my immune system to those food.

In fact, just very recently, I actually has had shared this already in my other blog, that we spent the Holy Thursday at the beach and the family prepared grilled fresh shrimps and fish for our lunch. It was a sumptuous meal, as usual and always, when a plateful of shrimps or any seafood is served. Isn’t it?

Davao City Fresh Seafood Online

The image above is still mine, but I first posted it in my other blog where I published about our Holy Thursday spent by the beach with those really appetizing served seafood.

Moreover, talking more about seafood, I have encountered no hard time looking for fresh seafood here in Davao City because one can easily find it. Unlike when I was still in Metro Manila, the freshest of freshest seafood there costs me almost 500.00 Php per kilo (that is more than $11 USD) but here, it is only around 200-220 Php per kilo ($3-4 USD). Believe it or not, I even sported for fresh seafood online that is just cheap and affordable when I was there in the metro. Good enough the family moved in here so to at least, we can savor every fresh and affordable food and goodies compared to living in the metro.

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4-Piece Shrimp Platter

I seldom eat shrimps and other crustaceans because I always suffer hypersensitivity every time I eat any from them. But if I crave, a tablet or two of an anti-histamine are never forgotten to take before I got a bite of the really mouth-watering shrimp platter.

Moreover, I am very thankful for the hospital canteen staff for preparing this 4-piece shrimp platter. We really had a sumptuous lunch. Though I really experienced swelling of the lips and itchiness over my arms after consuming 2 shrimps because I totally forgot to take anti-histamines before our lunch and because I didn’t anticipate to have this bunch of lunch that time. But the signs didn’t worsen. After I took 2 medicines, the itchiness and swelling subsided then.

4-Piece Shrimp Platter4-Piece Shrimp Platter

Nonetheless, the lunch we had was really gastronomic plus the momentous laughs and chats we had.

30-day Food Challenge

Baked Scallops

Since I moved here in my new “dwelling place”, I already missed eating buffet meals in any hotels. One reason is that, I am not familiar with the place I am in now and I am also afraid to lure the city by myself alone. So basically, I have no other kitchen and tables to eat at but only fast food chains.

This morning, when I was browsing over my files, I intentionally look back at those gluttonous eats I had before especially in Cebu City. Telling you guys, Cebu City is top among thee, should I say, “foodie places” I ever been to. One of the foods I missed from there are baked scallops.

Baked Scallops

Would you like to know where I usually had a plate of baked scallops in Cebu City? Oh noh!, never mind asking because I am pretty sure you might be amazed. LOL! Well, I am a very big fan of buffet meals, as I have mentioned earlier. I’ve been to different food stops and hotels in Cebu City where buffet meals are offered.

Isn’t that baked scallops really delightful?


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I have hard time thinking of any “O” words from the local dialect. Good enough that my classmate and also a housemate reminded me earlier about our Otan dishes last Sunday during my love’s birthday surprise dinner. Smiley

Otan means Gulay or Vegie dishes in Cebuano or Visaya. So here’s some Otan for you guys!