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Saluyot, also called Jute in English, which has the scientific name of Corchurus olitorius L, is a leafy green vegetable which is very common in the Philippines.

SaluyotSaluyot (image from Wikipedia.com)

Saluyot is an erect, annual shrub which usually grows up to 2 meters high. Its leaves are ovate with toothed margins. And has flowers, with yellow petals, that are solitary and fruits that contain black seeds.

Being so common in the country, it only proves that this green leafy vegetable can grow in a wide range of soil and environmental conditions. It can grow in a wet land, with loamy soil having a pH range of 4.5 to 8.0. However, it grows better in a warm area with almost neutral soil pH.

The usual part of the Saluyot plant that is edible and used mix in foods is its leaves. Some of the nutrients that could be acquired from  the leaves of Saluyot plant are calcium, iron, protein and B Vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.


I’ve been sharing foods here that are mixed with malunggay and of any malunggay preparation like the Vegetarian Mixed Malunggay Canton and the Seafood Mixed in Malunggay Canton but I missed sharing about what are the wonders I have known about malunggay.

Image lifted from http://len7288.hubpages.com/hub/Health-Benefits-of-Malunggay-Leaves

I’ll give you some info about this wondrous leafy vegetable.

The word ‘Malunggay‘ is actually the name so-called only in the Philippines to this tropical, with drooping branches and leaves, and a fast-growing vegetable tree. The tree is also named ‘Moringa’ in English, Moringa oleifera, its scientific name and ‘Sajina’ in India.

Now a days, Malunggay has been keenly studied and a subject to many researches due to its potentials in the health and medical field. In fact, one research published by the Bureau of Plant Industry reporting that malunggay leaves has calcium contents which is approximately equivalent to 4 glasses of milk. It also contains potassium remarkably comparable to the contents present in banana. Vitamin C can also be contained in malunggay, as well as iron, vitamin A and protein.

These are just some of the wonders of this vegetable tree, malunggay.

Stay informed about the goodies of our vegetables only here in Oh Gosh Gulay!

Kakanon sa Bicol

This month in Travel Tuesdays, of the Travel Diva’s weekly meme theme is on food and travels (vacation). Do I say it right?

Anyway, here again another Bicolano food, in the image below, that I forgot the name. LOL! I practically don’t mind foods mixed with pork and beef and other foods that I am not used to eat, that’s why I just merely forgot the name of the food below. And more, our trip in Bicol region is almost a year ago. Who could remember the name then? LOL!

But off course, I still could remember the name of the restaurant where we ate. The restaurant was named Kakanon sa Bicol. If am not mistaken, yeah, I’m still a bit sure of the location because I and my cousin tried to take a walk over the area near the restaurant. It’s, I guess, 200 meters or more distantly away from SM City Naga.

Ok! Back to the food in the image above. If I still can remember it well, the food was mixed with taro leaves. According to my mum who is fond of eating this kind of food and even used to prepare it at home, the taro leaves is usually air dried before cooking. The dried taro leaves are then mixed with any spices, just for my mum, she uses just plain onions, garlic and more. Sometimes, my mum put meat on it also.

I haven’t personally tried the food above. So I can’t explain how it tastes. But my mum said it’s really spicy. Its spiciness is different from those foods (same way of preparing from the above image) because of the spices used.

Just bare with my tasty travel today! LOL!

Tomatoes for Salted Eggs

Last Sunday, I shared about how to prepare one of my favorite, considered, yummy breakfast foodie, Salted Eggs with Tomatoes. Today, I will share to you an image on the real tomatoes that I ate aside from the previously sliced one. Below is the tomato yet to be sliced.
Here’s some facts we all need to know about tomatoes.

Tomatoes, those are medium-sized, contain 1.08 grams of protein, 22 calories and 1.5 grams of fiber. Other minerals found in tomatoes are potassium, which is the highest among all, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and a lot more.

I, by the way, would like to share that my boyfriend, Mark, has started his mini garden in front of my apartment. One of vegetables he’s having there is tomato. He’s not always in my apartment, he has his own room to stay also in the barracks, so I am the one tasked to water and take care of his plants. Just for me to learn how to care plants, I stumbled upon ‘watering and general care of tomatoes in Crete’ website. But again, since planting, I guess, is not my love, I instead ended up finding holidays to Crete online. Having a vacation is more than other things I am still thinking now. I want rest, I mean, from physical and mental things I am in now. I want to visit international spots. But hey, I still didn’t forget to water Mark’s plant, though. Maybe soon, I can travel, hopefully.