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Three Ways To Optimize Your Eating Habits

These days, many people are realizing that the food they eat plays a profound role in contributing to or detracting from their overall health. If you’ve made this connection, now is the time to access tips and tricks that will help you optimize your eating habits. Doing so will help you move towards the optimal level of mental and physical well-being you deserve. Below you will find three strategies you can implement to improve your eating behaviors:

1. Update Your Tools.

Outdated kitchen equipment and tools make it difficult to prepare the dishes that you want. To ensure that you retain a positive relationship with food and the cooking process, make sure that you are updating your tools regularly. You can obtain equipment such as walk in freezer door parts from organizations like Online-reps.com. When you start looking for the ideal retailer from which to purchase your equipment, make sure that the product provider has a good reputation and offers fair prices. If you order your goods online, try to find a retailer that offers good shipping rates and a fair return/refund policy.

Eating Vegetables

2. Eat More Veggies.

In addition to updating your kitchen tools regularly, make sure that you get in the habit of eating more veggies. This strategy is immensely important because veggies are nutrient powerhouses. An additional benefit of consuming more veggies is that they will provide your body with the fiber necessary to regulate bowel movements and promote a feeling of fullness which can help prevent you from overeating. There are a wide range of vegetables you may want to incorporate into your diet to attain these health-boosting results. Some of them include:

• broccolli
• cauliflower
• mushrooms
• carrots
• onions
• celery
• spinach
• tomato

You can add these veggies to salads and rice bowls. Some people enjoy eating them raw with a delicious avocado dip or guacamole. Another option is juicing veggies with fruit!

3. Utilize An Online Food Journal.

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re on the road to healthy eating is by tracking your food intake. You can accomplish this objective through the use of an online food journal. These journals empower you to log in your daily food intake and then examine key factors such as your macronutrient and caloric intake.


If you want to optimize your level of health, eating well is not optional. It is imperative. Use the techniques listed above to get on the path to consuming nutritious, delicious foods on a regular basis!

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Picky Eater’s Prize For Eating Veggies

I have a picky eater at home. My son do not like the taste of veggies and majority of fruits. Lately I decided to let him eat veggies to let him have the enough nutrients he needs for the day. We always ends up with an argument every time I let him eat vegetables or fruits other than Apple.

However, we all know that a serving or two of vegetable everyday will keep our health at bay. Therefore, I decided to push him into eating vegetables. I really find it hard but I did let him eat bits by bits and I am happy with that. I am thinking of preparing a prize when he totally eat vegetables and since he is into music I am planning of buying him an exciting PRS electric guitar.

This is a guest post from Wil.

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Top 10 cleansing foods

In the diversity of food materials that we consume every day, it is best to detox ourselves from time to time for us to stay healthy and fit.

Below are some of the top cleansing foods which I just recently stumbled upon from a lifestyle section of abs-cbnnews.com.

1. Lemons. These are best source of Vitamin C and are good for detoxification since these have alkaline effects on the body as these restores the body’s pH balance.

Lemon and GingerLemons and Ginger

2. Ginger. Ginger has an antioxidant property which help flush out highly consumed fatty foods and alcohols. It also help counteract nausea.

3. Garlic. One thing which I always hear from my grandparents about the health benefits of garlic is that it is best for the heart and even help any heart diseases.  It also has some detoxifying effects on the body.

4. Artichoke. These are good after a fat-filled and alcohol-filled meal because of its high content of antioxidant and fat fibers.


5. Beetroot. Aside from its detoxifying abilities, Beetroots have are good immune boosters because of its high content of vitamin C and other minerals like magnesium and iron.

6. Green Tea. We always hear that green teas are good for losing weight, but aside from that, it is also good a detoxifying fluid.

7. Cabbage. Cabbage has weight losing capacity and a good detox food as well because of its content, sulforaphane, which fights body toxins.

8. Fresh Fruit. Fresh fruits always have loads of vitamins and minerals but low in calories. These are also good detox diet.

9. Brown Rice. Good source of B vitamins, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous and is a good detoxifying agent.

10. Watercress. What I loved most about watercress is its natural diuretic properties. That is why I loved this as breakfast meal. Other detoxifying elements from watercress include zinc, Vitamin E and B vitamins as well as Vitamin C. It also has potassium.


‘Clean 15’: 2013 List of Fruits & Vegetables Least Contaminated By Pesticides

It is always good to eat clean and least contaminated with pesticides fruits and vegetables. Isn’t it? So, to assure the public what fruits and vegetables are least contaminated with pesticides, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released its 2013 list of fruits and vegetables that are least contaminated with pesticides and called them Clean 15.

These are the Clean 15, 2013 list of fruits and vegetables that are least contaminated with pesticides:

  1. Corn
  2. Onions
  3. Pineapples
  4. Avocados
  5. Cabbage
  6. Frozen Sweet Peas
  7. Papaya
  8. Mangoes
  9. Asparagus
  10. Eggplant
  11. Kiwi
  12. Grapefruit
  13. Cantaloupe
  14. Sweet Potato
  15. Mushrooms